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From Pain Points to Proficiency: The Impact of On-Site HubSpot Training

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April 18, 2024

By Sandy Moore

Training and earning user buy-in on a new platform is arguably the toughest part of any technology implementation. But you don’t have to go it alone. 

If you want to implement Quickbooks, you work with an authorized reseller. When you onboard a new project management system, you work with a dedicated representative. And when you’re ready to leverage HubSpot for your marketing, sales, and customer success needs, you work with SmartBug Media.® (At least, you should!) 

SmartBug is the destination for HubSpot expertise, strategy, and implementation, with a team of certified HubSpot trainers to support you. Discover how our in-depth HubSpot trainings can help you navigate the waters of one of the world’s most robust customer lifecycle platforms.

Get to Know SmartBug's HubSpot Trainers

Co-created by our very own team of HubSpot trainers, the SmartBug Training Program has been developed to be customizable based on your team needs, technology implementations, and timelines. 

A key spoke in our training flywheel is our HubSpot Training Program, led by a team of certified trainers. Your trainer(s) walk beside you—virtually or in-person—using their combined 30 years of HubSpot CRM, onboarding, and implementation experience to ensure your team gets the most from the platform.


Level up your HubSpot game with AI. SmartBug's AI HubSpot Training Workshop


Pain Points We Can Help You Overcome

“Everyone loves it and we experienced zero roadblocks!”

... said no one ever of a new tech rollout. 

We know you’ll love HubSpot, but everyone has their own learning curves, competing priorities, and unique needs across disciplines. During any tech implementation, we often observe clients running into challenges ranging from underutilization to lack of alignment between sales, service, and marketing teams to inefficient processes.

SmartBug clients come to us with a variety of pain points they need a little extra training to solve. We kick it into high gear to deliver tailored solutions for their unique situations. 

Some clients reach out to improve their sales, marketing, and customer success processes. The right fit? Working with our HubSpot trainers to identify gaps, discrepancies, and friction points. But no two HubSpot trainings are identical; other clients may need help with day-to-day workflows to meet sales and revenue goals, and we are able to tackle that, too.

Training Tailored to Your Needs

At SmartBug, we take a personalized “choose your own path” approach to HubSpot training because we know the needs and skill levels of every client differ. We offer both workshops and immersive training, leaning on our discovery process to determine the right fit. 

SmartBug starts by getting to know you and your pain points so we can help define your training goals. Workshops are best suited to refining processes and strategy, whereas full trainings take you from novice to master—giving you the keys to manage your customer lifecycle. And it’s all fully customized for you.

HubSpot Workshops

Just starting out? Engage in a series of workshop sessions to get familiar with the basics of digital marketing, sales, and customer success. SmartBug offers workshops across five core tracks to hone in new areas that can propel your strategies:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Success
  • Inbound for ABM
  • AI Expertise

*AI Expertise track includes additional training hours per Hub.

SBM On-site training of HS usage SmartBug On-site training of HubSpot Usage

HubSpot Trainings

Fancy yourself a bit of a HubSpot pro already and want to dive even deeper? SmartBug offers training sessions across four Hubs to help you use HubSpot to its fullest potential:

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub
  • HubSpot Sales Hub
  • HubSpot Service Hub
  • HubSpot CMS Hub

And remember: All HubSpot trainings are fully customized based on client needs. Our trainers can help diagram new standardized sales processes and outline marketing and sales KPIs. Or perhaps you need more TLC, in which case our trainers can really dig into the nuts and bolts of HubSpot and its tools to increase pipeline velocity and revenue. HubSpot novice or experienced user, we’re your go-to support crew.

Results That Move the Needle

SmartBug draws on a combination of HubSpot best practices and 17 years of agency success to give you the tools to amplify your customer lifecycle efforts. In addition to tailoring training to your individual goals, we also deliver undeniable results on a broader scale, including:

Team Alignment

HubSpot trainings and workshops improve alignment between marketing, sales, and other teams. Achieve a more cohesive and collaborative work environment with a foundation of platform knowledge.

Positive ROI

The value proves itself. HubSpot trainings increase lead generation and revenue, improve customer engagement, and even help you create efficient marketing and sales processes.

Streamlined Processes

Looking for a better way to execute your strategies? Our workshops introduce the basics of HubSpot to help streamline your processes. Save time and resources and achieve your marketing and sales goals more effectively.

Ongoing Support

Between the platform’s own robust support team and your SmartBug training team, you’re never alone on your HubSpot journey. We’re available after your sessions conclude to help you continue to leverage HubSpot’s tactical solutions.

Reach Out to Get What You Need

Just like in our HubSpot trainings, we provide support your way, giving you access to resources that help you learn most effectively, such as: 

  • Follow-up Q&A sessions to improve your understanding
  • In-person sessions for more hands-on guidance
  • Videos for important details you may need to reference in the future
  • How-tos on using the audit log for adoption reports

Streamline Your Efforts Across the Customer Lifecycle with Expert Support 

As an agency with roots in HubSpot, we know how valuable the platform can be for your organization—but you need to understand how to get the most from both its methodology and the platform. SmartBug’s expert HubSpot training team lights the way to improve your alignment, processes, and ROI. 

Explore our HubSpot trainings in depth. Take a closer look at our approach and see why so many clients have trusted SmartBug to supercharge their HubSpot efforts. 


Get to know HubSpot like the back of your hand and navigate the customer landscape with us by your side—on-site and virtually.

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