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So here’s the deal, you may either be considering hiring a marketing agency or have already done so.  There is plenty critical information about your company the marketing agency should be aware of before they start going to work.  Here at SmartBug Media we gather all this information during the discovery phase of the program.  We have multiple conference calls with all the key stakeholders and experts at a company.  Questions are asked about the company, the products, your history of marketing programs, etc… But there are some critical items I’m going to talk further about that are key for your marketing agency to know.


Personas are fictional representations of your different buyers.  Companies often have different types of people who would purchase their product or service and it’s important for the marketing agency to know who these people are.  For example, let’s pretend we are a company that sells lawn mowers.  I can already think of a couple different types of people who would buy a lawn mower.  One would be a middle-class man who lives in the suburbs.  He’s on the market for a new lawn mower to make his grass greener than the neighbors.  

Another persona could be an owner of the lawn service company.  His needs for the product are somewhat different than that of the middle-class man.  So why does this matter?  How does identifying these different people help a marketing agency?  Well the marketing agency will be developing content for you.  That may come in the form of blogs, white papers, case studies, etc…  It’s critical for them to know who they are writing to.  Blogs can be structured and written different for different personas.

Sales Cycle

In relation to identifying all the different personas, the marketing agency should understand your sales cycle.  Make sure your sales team and agency iron out the whole process.  The cycles could be different for each persona or for each product.  Having an understanding of this cycle will give the agency more vision into the content being created.  The agency may deliver a good amount of top-of-the funnel leads, but guiding those leads through the sales cycle is where the ROI is seen.

Goals for Marketing and Sales

This certainly isn’t the last thing an agency should know about your company but a critial one as they plan out a marketing campaign.  What’s the company trying to accomplish this quarter, year, three years from now?  Is it to drive more traffic to the site?  If so, how much?  Maybe it’s to fill up the sales funnel with leads.  If so, how many?  It could be to close a certain amount of revenue by the end of the second quarter?  The more communication with and agency the more goals will align and goals will be met.

What’s one important piece of information a marketing agency should know about your company?  What makes you so special?

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Matt Farber was formerly an Inbound Marketing Consultant for SmartBug Media. Using his project management and inbound marketing experience in the B2B sector Matt helps clients build and implement their inbound marketing strategies to grow leads, conversion and revenue. Read more articles by Matt Farber.

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