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Paid Media

Ready to supercharge your paid media efforts? With strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, you can bring your business to the top of users' search results and deliver quick solutions for their bottom-of-funnel inquiries. As a certified Google Premier Partner agency, we're proud to lead the way in effective PPC campaigns specifically designed to build awareness, boost conversations, and increase sales.

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Tap into PPC solutions built with…

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Total Transparency

We believe in transparent pricing and reporting for every new PPC campaign you launch. As a result, you'll see exactly how every ad dollar gets spent and the results each campaign generates.

Clear Communication

We'll bring you along for every step of our process with clear, consistent communication and 24/7 access to a performance dashboard to ensure we're all working toward the same goals.

Strategic KPIs

We'll show you how to bring in quality leads at a lower cost per lead. Plus, you'll get real-time lead notifications via email and monthly performance reports so you're always up to date with our latest wins.

Actionable Insights

We're constantly monitoring the success of every ad campaign so we can make strategic decisions about who and where to target next. No guesswork. No hesitations. Just proven tactics to amplify your reach.

Deploy Our Proven Strategy

We’ll do the heavy lifting to connect your buyers' search intent with your products and services. The best part about paid? Our strategy remains agile as your goals evolve.


Targeting Audiences

Let's begin by defining your target audience. This is a huge piece of the puzzle that sets successful campaigns apart. We'll leverage first-party data, remarketing lists, custom audiences, affinity audiences, lookalikes, and more to make sure we're connecting with your ideal buyers.

  • First-Party Data
  • Remarketing Lists
  • Custom Audiences
  • Affinity Audiences
  • Lookalikes

Messaging & Branding

Then, we'll start crafting cohesive messaging across your campaigns and encourage users to take action. What do you want people to do? Whether that's filling out a form, scheduling a demo, or requesting a quote, defining your CTAs sets the foundation for ad copy, website copy, and landing pages. Once you know what you’re trying to accomplish, we can work backward to get the copy just right.

  • Ad Copy, including Amazon
  • PPC Landing Pages
  • Websites

Conversion Tracking

Next, find out exactly where your campaigns stand. We'll help you analyze and interpret performance data so you can measure the effectiveness of your PPC ads. Thanks to monthly reports and 24/7 access to your dashboard, it's easier than ever to track your progress. Together, we'll create a complete picture of conversion tracking to reach your goals.

  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Bing Conversion Tracking

Smart Bidding

After that, you'll begin to leverage smart bidding as one more strategy to maximize the outcomes of your next PPC campaign. We'll work with you to make thoughtful decisions about when and how to execute your smart bidding and ensure that the ad platform receives the proper conversion data. Then, we'll work behind the scenes to get you ahead of the competition by optimizing campaign settings, ad copy, keywords, and landing page(s) to get the desired results.

  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize Conversion
  • Maximize Conversion Value

Testing & Iterating

Finally, find out which PPC efforts are making the biggest impact. Naturally, your digital marketing strategy will evolve as your goals change. By consistently reviewing your campaign's data and insight, we can make recommendations about the next best steps. We'll work on a continual basis to test, iterate, and optimize your ad campaigns for the very best performance outcomes.

  • A/B Testing
  • Monthly Performance Reports
  • 24/7 Access to Performance Dashboard.

Reputation Management

Your customers are talking to you. Are you listening? With so much user-generated content online, including customer reviews, it can be tough to keep up. That's where we come in. We'll help you keep a pulse on your brand's reputation by managing, responding to, and promoting the very best your business has to offer, in your customers' own words.

  • Promotion of Positive Customer Reviews
  • Speedy Responses to Negative Reviews
  • 24/7 Customer to Client Feedback
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Franchise Marketing

Drive results across your franchise networks with scalable pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. We'll help you streamline your digital marketing efforts and boost ROI using proven strategies for ad creation, keyword analysis, and ongoing testing and optimization. Plus, you'll get 24/7 access to your custom PPC performance dashboard.

  • Custom Local Campaigns Per Franchisee
  • Custom PPC Landing Pages
  • Phone Call Lead Tracking and Recording
  • Real-Time Lead Notifications via Email
  • Monthly Performance Reports
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Paid Media Services

Connect with your customers on the platforms they already know and trust. We'll handle performance, testing, and analytics on the backend so you can focus on big-picture goals.


Google Ads

Engage with users on Google, the most popular search engine in the world. You can also reach users across the Google Display Network (GDN) and on YouTube through the Google Ads platform.

Microsoft Ads

Expand your ad campaign with Microsoft Ads, Bing's advertising platform. Advertising with Microsoft Ads also enables you to reach Yahoo! search engine users.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Reach potential customers as they scroll through their feeds. With over 2 billion active users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms available.

LinkedIn Ads

Introduce yourself to new customers on the largest professional social network. LinkedIn's PPC advertising platform allows you to target users by their unique traits such as industry, company, and job title.

YouTube Ads

Capture users' attention with compelling video ad campaigns. YouTube boasts 122 million active daily users, which means you can instantly broaden your influence on a larger scale to an international audience.

Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are only available in select cities or regions and for select services or industries. We help you navigate the detailed approval process to get your LSA ads live and optimized quickly.

Success in Higher Education & Beyond

At SmartBug, we have a long history of delivering paid media success in higher education. See our recent year-over-year (YoY) results as part of our multi-platform digital campaigns for over 130 programs at the University of Washington, totaling over 1.3 million in annual ad spend.

- 29 %
Overall Drop in Cost per Conversion
+ 118 %
Increase in RFI Forms
+ 23 %
Increase in Applications for Certificate Programs

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Innovators. Problem solvers. Go-getters. We’re proud to maximize outcomes for your e-commerce business and accelerate your growth.

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