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On the latest episode of SmartBug on Tap, we kicked off our Countdown to INBOUND series. INBOUND 2019 is right around the corner, so we’re hoping this series will provide you some inside scoop to the world’s most remarkable business event hosted by HubSpot! 

Two of our Senior Marketing Strategists, Jessica Vionas-Singer and Paul Schmidt, came on the show to share the details of the INBOUND session they're most excited about and why they're recommending that you attend, as well. 

The Session Jessica’s Most Excited About

First, the Details

Jessica is most excited about attending a session called, “10 Things I've Learned From Putting on 500+ Webinars.” It will be Thursday morning at 10:45am.

The speaker is Daniel Waas, Director of Marketing at GoToWebinar. 

Why She’s So Excited

Throughout her career, webinars have been one of her go-to tools. She’s found that putting webinars together is one of the most effective ways to engage an audience and to provide educational content in a medium that really works for them.

What the Session’s All About

In addition to sharing some pro-tips, Daniel is going to talk about how to really pack the house and get as many people as possible to your webinars. He’s also going to talk about how to turn those webinar leads into conversions. 

Why You Should Attend

Jessica actually gave a session on webinars at INBOUND 2016. 

As she was doing research to prepare for her session she found that 64% of B2B marketers say that webinars are either effective or very effective at accomplishing their overall objectives. 

That 64% can be compared to whitepapers, which were at 58%, and ebooks which were at 55%. So, if you aren’t at least considering webinars as part of your marketing mix, you're missing a really valuable opportunity.

A lot of companies put a lot of effort into their e-books, which are absolutely a staple and something we spend a lot of time on for our clients here at SmartBug. But not everyone learns or digests information in the same way. So, webinars allows you to provide value to your audience in the medium they prefer. 

So, whether you want to start incorporating webinars into your marketing mix or you already have some webinars going and want to make them even better, this would be a great session for you. 

The Session Paul’s Most Excited About

First, the Details

The session Paul’s looking forward to most is titled “Inside the Ads Machine: Advanced Techniques Used by HubSpot's Paid Marketing Team.” This session will take place Thursday at 3:45pm. Speakers will include HubSpot's Senior Product Manager, Will DeKrey, and Senior Marketing Manager of Paid Acquisition, Josh Chang. 

Why He’s So Excited

He wants to learn some of the tactics, tools, and strategies the HubSpot team uses to help generate leads and close new business. 

Why You Should Attend

These are some of the key topics the HubSpot team is planning to cover at this session:

#1: Experimentation. How do you structure and design ad campaigns for effective experimentation?

#2: Measurement and optimization. How do you use tools like HubSpot to employ advanced optimization techniques like lift analysis and budget pacing?

#3: Targeting. How do you initially map and incrementally improve retargeting flows across networks?

Each of these topics poses a variety of challenges for marketers to overcome. 

For example, with experimentation, there can be so many ways to structure your ad accounts. You can do it based on product line or brand — there’s so many options.

And when it comes to measurement, we all struggle with figuring out how to prioritize and focus our data to inform great decision making.

This session will hopefully provide some insight and clarity to help us all overcome these challenges and make a positive impact on our campaigns.

You’ll definitely be able to catch us at these sessions.

But be sure to stop by our SmartBug booth, too. 

We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

Headed to INBOUND? Let us know! Tweet me or SmartBug at @jenspencer or @smartbugmedia.

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