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In October 2023, SmartBug Media® acquired Globalia, Inc. Now, as the world’s largest, most decorated HubSpot partner, we’re excited to welcome you to our award-winning team. You'll receive the same level of technical savvy and industry expertise, but now with the added benefit of comprehensive solutions throughout the entire customer lifecycle, in the HubSpot ecosystem and beyond.

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A Message from SmartBug's Global CEO

Welcome to the SmartBug family! We're so excited you're here. 

In 2007, SmartBug® was founded on the notion that marketing agencies should be built by marketers for marketers. Since then, thanks to our remote-first culture, we have recruited the best and brightest digital marketing professionals worldwide. Over the last 17 years, we've grown to nearly 300 subject matter experts from New York to Nashville, Seattle to San Diego, Minneapolis to Mexico City, and now Montreal. 

As we've expanded our team, SmartBug's commitment to you, our loyal customers, remains steadfast. Our core values keep us accountable to you and to one another. Get It Done. Stay Curious. Have Fun. Innovate, Always. Rock It. Bend, Don't Break. Build Belonging. These foundational values have set us apart from the rest, and they grow stronger every time we rock it for you, our newest SmartBug clients. 

So what can you expect moving forward? More of what you love the most.

  • Insatiable curiosity. By joining forces with the largest HubSpot partner in Canada, we’re now HubSpot’s largest and most decorated global partner. We’re ready to provide comprehensive solutions across your entire customer lifecycle and all HubSpot Hubs. To date, we've earned 100 percent of HubSpot's advanced accreditations and more than 1,200+ professional certifications. Eleven SmartBugs are certified HubSpot trainers (and counting!), so we can better serve you in every aspect of your business. Look at our full range of HubSpot accreditations below.

  • Technical savvy. With combined expertise in HubSpot, Shopify, and Klaviyo, we're equipped to deliver the best outcomes for your business with industry-leading technology. Plus, you'll still have access to the tools, tech, and platforms you know and trust to maximize your results, including Shopify Plus, Magento, Craft Commerce, and WooCommerce. From integrations to migration to website development to ongoing maintenance of your e-commerce storefront, we have the technical savvy to produce exceptional results.

As part of the SmartBug family, you'll also have access to:

  • Industry excellence. Over the years, we have won more than 200 awards for outstanding client outcomes. We're proud recipients of 15 HubSpot Impact Awards, including two Happiest Customer Awards and the HubSpot 2022 Impact Award. In 2023, SmartBug was named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America for the seventh year in a row. Additionally, in 2023, SmartBug was ranked No. 140 on Inc.'s list of the Pacific region’s fastest-growing private companies. Our renewed success is only possible thanks to the unwavering dedication of our team and the constant trust of our clients. 
  • Incomparable results. We're excited to help you reach your goals faster and develop a winning strategy for sustained success. As we've grown, we have curated a diverse portfolio of B2B and B2C clientele encompassing higher education, healthcare, franchise networks, financial services, professional services, software and technology, and other verticals on a global scale. Check out one of SmartBug's greatest achievements in Salesforce to HubSpot migration.

  • Comprehensive solutions. We're here to support your customers throughout the entire lifecycle with comprehensive solutions for sales, revenue operations, marketing, customer success, payments and e-commerce, and web content management. Explore all of our solutions to learn how you can leverage our combined expertise to support your customers with our 360-degree approach.

Rest assured—you're in good hands. As we enter this new and exciting phase of SmartBug's evolution, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest clients in Canada and look forward to a bright future together.

Thank you for your continued partnership. And again, welcome to the SmartBug family!

Ryan Malone

Global CEO

We're Honored to Be HubSpot's Largest
& Most Decorated Partner

HubSpot Elite

SmartBug is proud to be HubSpot's highest-rated partner agency, with more than 500 five-star reviews and as a two-time HubSpot Partner of the Year.

Custom Integration

This credential certifies SmartBug's ability to scope, develop, and deploy complex customer relationship management (CRM) integrations.

CRM Implementation

This accreditation validates SmartBug's expertise in CRM implementation for enterprise-level customers.

Data Migration

This certification acknowledges SmartBug's skills and expertise in data migration from legacy CRM platforms to HubSpot's CRM.

Platform Enablement

This credential validates SmartBug's expertise in delivering HubSpot training to large teams and facilitating change management.

Solutions Architecture Design

This accreditation certifies SmartBug's ability to design, configure, and customize solutions across HubSpot’s CRM platform.

HubSpot Onboarding

This credential validates SmartBug's skills and expertise in onboarding customers onto HubSpot Pro or Enterprise Sales.

Advanced CMS Implementation

This accreditation solidifies SmartBug's expertise in HubSpot's CMS for enterprise-level and highly technical customers.

Additional Partners

Welcome to Full Service Digital

When you work with a team of seasoned professionals, you don't have to choose between one service or another. We're here for all of our clients throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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It’s about creating a growing marketing funnel. You get there by connecting with a full service digital agency that not only provides demand generation built on inbound principles, but also maximizes paid media, web development, public relations, top-tier creative, and more.


Find and qualify leads faster—and close quicker. We have the teams and the tools to make selling smarter by reaching your most likely customers and giving them what they need throughout the entire buyer’s journey.

Revenue Operations

Generate more revenue from your sales and marketing—and propel those deals with seamless automation, in-depth reporting, smart segmentation, and the right analytics. Plus, get the tools and expertise you need for subscriptions, billing, and payments.


Let’s make sure your website does the heavy lifting. We’ll migrate existing content to your content management system (CMS) of choiceHubSpot, WordPress, or Shopify—and transform your online presence with visuals, functionality, and content strategically crafted for lead generation. 

Customer Success

From ticketing automation and customer service automation to self-service portals, knowledge bases, and beyond, we keep you connected and help you support your customers with the tools, tech integration, and migrations that are right for your operations.

Payments & E-Commerce

E-commerce moves fast—especially during holidays. Our team keeps up with increasing demand through our well-proven email, SMS, and Shopify strategies designed to accelerate your business growth and boost ROI.

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