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Craft CMS

Launch your online presence with Craft CMS and Craft Commerce, designed for dynamic content creation, security, and scalability.

Build your website with confidence.

Craft CMS supports your team across the entire website production process, from ideation to execution. Thanks to the platform's advanced security measures, you can launch your online presence with peace of mind and in alignment with your business goals.

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Protect your website from common threats and vulnerabilities. Craft CMS takes security seriously and makes regular updates to address potential exposures and thwart future security risks.


Content Strategy

Create, organize, and optimize your content with Craft CMS's extensive toolkit of content management capabilities, including categories, matrix fields, and localization.


Design & Development

Design and code freely without the confines of pre-built themes. Write your own HTML, manage multiple sites, and scale your online presence with hundreds of plug-ins.


Create a branded storefront with custom functionality. We'll launch the features that make sense for your business: product types, promos, shipping, subscriptions, and more.

Why choose SmartBug Media?

At SmartBug Media, we're proud to be the top verified Craft partner in Canada and among 30 verified partners in North America. We've been listed in the Craft Partner Network for several years, and our developers routinely take part in Craft CMS events to perfect innovative solutions for our customers.

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We have deep knowledge of Craft CMS and its capabilities.

New to Craft CMS? Whether you're a first-time user or a long-time user ready to level up, our team of technical experts is here to help you reach your business objectives. An alternative to WordPress, Craft CMS is an open-code solution that provides additional functionality for website builds that require more complex development and customization. Plus, Craft CMS makes it easy to integrate with the payment systems, CRMs, and inventory management systems you're already using for the ultimate versatility. 

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We understand how to maximize Craft CMS + Craft Commerce.

For clients operating in the e-commerce space, Craft CMS, paired with Craft Commerce, offers a powerful solution for your digital storefront. Craft CMS and Craft Commerce is the ideal solution for enterprises with unique or complex needs. As you scale your online e-commerce presence, Craft Commerce is especially useful for developers, thanks to Craft's streamlined customization and open-source technology.


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We deliver a personalized client experience, based on your goals.

We build and launch websites with your goals in mind. Craft CMS is easy to use for businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, and it supports multi-store, multi-site, multi-device, and multilingual builds. Because our team is so well versed in the nuances of Craft CMS's platform, we're ideally positioned to execute your vision with personalization according to your operational needs.

A Refined Alberta Ballet Web Presence in Craft CMS

Discover how Alberta Ballet partnered with SmartBug Media to enhance its brand image and improve its website to better reach its target audiences and stay at the forefront of digital innovation. Our Google Lighthouse results speak to the meticulous care and technical savvy that went into this website.

Site Accessibility
Best Practices
SEO Performance

Craft CMS's Standout Features:


Custom Fields

Create and centrally manage custom fields, based on your website's content and SEO goals. Assign them to your sections, users, assets, tags, matrix fields, and global sets.


Section Types

Organize your content by section type. Section types include singles for one-off pages, channels for lists of entries, and structures for entries with a specific order and hierarchy.

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Categories & Tags

Leverage content tags to sort and edit content with ease. Set up multiple tag groups, each with its own unique set of tags. Instantly create new tags with tag fields.

Matrix Fields

Create matrix fields, made up of multiple content blocks, for faster content entry. Attach matrix fields to categories, tags, global sets, assets, users, and even plug-in element types.


Multi-Site Functionality

Launch multiple websites from a single Craft CMS installation. Configure settings specific to each website, including sections and section types, URL formats, and template types.



Translate content for multiple languages or territories with robust out-of-the-box localization capabilities. Store and manage localized content on a per-site basis.



Create tailored forms with custom fields based on your users' journeys. Select pre-built forms, including Freeform and Contact Form, from Craft CMS's plug-in store.

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Asset Management

Access all of your design files in one place with Craft CMS's asset management built-in for desktop. Store files in the cloud. Connect to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and more.

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Live Preview

See your new webpages before they go live. Share your work with other stakeholders for review on desktop, tablet, and mobile-sized viewports.


User Management

Define user permissions for groups or individuals. With Craft Pro, you can also allow public user registration on an optional basis.


Product Types

Organize your digital storefront according to products and variants. Assign each product type custom fields, a URL format, and other unique attributes.


Sales & Promos

Increase customer engagement and boost sales with coupons, limited-time offers, buy-more-save-more discounts, and other dynamic pricing models.

SmartBug Media is a team of collaborative experts that has allowed us to implement digital business solutions and significantly increase our online visibility over the last 5 years.
Marianne Dupuis, Marketing Director

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