HubSpot/Dynamics Integration

Seamless integration of your HubSpot marketing and Dynamics CRM platforms

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Why Integrate HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics?

  • Realize better alignment and trust between marketing and sales teams
  • Ensure consistent messaging, coordinated contacts, and increased customer/buyer trust
  • Easily maintain continuity in the Buyer’s Journey

Get Results


Provide your sales team with leads from marketing efforts


Update your marketing team with accurate, data-driven ROI


Capture information on leads, engagements, and campaigns


Benefit from flexibility in your data mapping and sync rules

Contact Sync

Contact Sync

  • Create contacts in Dynamics from HubSpot based on any desired contact property
  • Move data on a time sync
  • Use available company object sync for B2B
  • Allow for either HubSpot or Dynamics to be the system of record, or sync data bi-directionally

Deals and Opportunities

Deals and Opportunities

  • Easily update HubSpot with sales opportunities from Dynamics
  • Rapidly understand the status of opportunities in HubSpot
  • Create closed-loop reporting between marketing and sales



  • View simple updating of engagement activities from HubSpot into Dynamics

Marketing Information and Analytics

Marketing Information and Analytics

  • Quickly generate vital webpage, email, and campaign information to be displayed in Dynamics

Our Process


We partner with you to create a clear picture of the project, align with your marketing strategy, define how we will work together, and decide what the end result will look like.


We review requirements, and then map and document data flow with our proprietary platform. An internal QA plan is created to test before final acceptance.


Your project is built and mapping is tested within a controlled development environment.


The entire process is thoroughly tested through our rigorous quality assurance process, and a demo is provided for review. Once approved, we manage all the steps involved in going live.

Integration Packages

SmartBug has several packages to choose from, based on your integration needs. For a more complex Dynamics integration, contact us for a custom solution.

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How does SmartBug secure my data?

SmartBug Media does not store any data. We do have logs that show the previous 30-day sync activities; however, this data is used only for issue tracking and resolution.

How "real-time" is the data transfer?

Data moves as quickly as the systems will process it. In our experience, momentary delays may occur from either HubSpot or Dynamics. Depending on your plan with Microsoft, the delay from Dynamics could be up to five minutes. Processing through our integration software is typically completed in seconds.

Can I include custom properties from HubSpot or Dynamics?

Absolutely! We can help you set up properties in HubSpot and provide direction on setting them up in Dynamics.

How is duplication handled?

When it comes to email addresses, HubSpot is unique. If HubSpot detects a duplicate email, it will not create a new contact. We recommend cleaning up any duplication in Dynamics before integrating into HubSpot.

Can you clean up my system before integration?

We can recommend tools that help clean up data before any integration occurs.

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What our clients say

We have worked with other inbound agencies in the past, but SmartBug is an inbound marketing agency unlike any other—a class act, driven by passion, a strong work ethic, and high standards, without any weak links. My team and I have partnered with SmartBug for the past six months. Our rebranding strategy dovetailed into a website relaunch with an aggressive timetable that Kyle and his team were able to accomplish on time and within budget. We are a fast-growing B2B tech company operating in the genuine white space of web archiving. On the inbound and GDD side, Juli and Aaron took the time to learn about our business, clients, and industry to help us achieve our goals. They have been a true extension of our marketing team, without the compromise or disconnect. SmartBug is a cultivated team that drives results and helps you to achieve your marketing goals.”

Pamela Talevski

Worldwide Marketing, Hanzo Archives

Brett Chalmers

I've been involved in quite a few website redesigns, and this was the first one where the project was completed on time and on budget. SmartBug's project management and follow-up services teams are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. Their creativity and flexibility also helped build a site that solved our business challenges. As we transitioned from our old site to the new site built from scratch by SmartBug, we wanted to make sure that traffic, SEO, lead capture, and other metrics didn't suffer. Not only did our numbers maintain their previous level, they exceeded it within weeks—and they continue to grow.”

Brett Chalmers

Marketing Director, Access eForms

Juli and the entire SmartBug team are great to work with! We’ve worked with other agencies in the past, but SmartBug just gets it in a way that others don’t. They work hard to study our audience and tailor their efforts to our unique needs. They’re reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable. What more could we ask for?”

Esther Cohen


Before working with SmartBug, we had just terminated another HubSpot partner and were pretty frustrated with the time and money we had wasted. I went back into the search process rather jaded. SmartBug immediately changed my attitude by investing in the sales process and potential relationship. They came right out the gates with improvements and ideas that made great sense … and we had not yet contracted with them. The positive experience has continued well past the courting process and, honestly, has only gotten better. They employ an efficient organizational structure that eliminates the "go between" communication that is often ineffective and unnecessary. They also employ intelligent and experienced people, people who have often had their own P&L ownership. The service level and attention is unparalleled ... Katie makes us feel like we are her only client. Like I said, SmartBug gets it!!”

Matthew Cutone

CEO, Horizon Display & Seed

We've worked with the SmartBug team both for a complete website redesign on the HubSpot COS and for ongoing inbound marketing services. Going through a website redesign process with HubSpot COS, SmartBug was able to help us create a site that increased the impact of our brand and marketing. The team was extremely flexible and responsive to questions and feedback. We are now partnered with SmartBug to execute a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that is further building our thought leadership and reputation. We just were named as part of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, and we consider SmartBug to be an integral part of our strategy to stay on that list. We highly recommend you work with SmartBug Media.”

Joseph Rando

Trade Area Systems

SmartBug has a strong knowledge of inbound marketing and strong strategy to drive results. They are easy to work with and very responsive to any concerns or questions. Thank you for being a great partner!”

May Phanh

Marketing Manager, Ingram Micro

Seth Hauben

Working with SmartBug has been a very positive experience. They are easy to work with and are very knowledgeable on all inbound marketing topics. In addition to producing all of our content, we regularly lean on them for help with design work, social media work, SEO work, email campaigns, reporting, and much more. They have continually exceeded our expectations, and our results since teaming up with them have been exceptional. ”

Seth Hauben

CMO, Wintac