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Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Experience a smooth-like-butter integration of your HubSpot & Dynamics CRM platforms.

Why should you integrate HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Say goodbye to siloed data and fragmented workflows with seamless integration that puts all of your MarTech under one roof.

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Why choose SmartBug to integrate Microsoft Dynamics with HubSpot?

It's simple: We're integrations experts. We live and breathe all things HubSpot, and we know how to transform your current tech stack into a lean, agile, all-in-one digital powerhouse. 

We'll help you to:

  • Update your marketing team with accurate, data-driven ROI.
  • Capture information on leads, engagements, and campaigns.
  • Improve alignment across marketing and sales teams.
  • Ensure consistent messaging, coordinated contacts, and increased customer trust.
  • Create flexibility in your data mapping and sync rules.
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Sync Your Contacts

Create contacts in Dynamics from HubSpot based on any desired contact property and move data on a time sync. Plus, use your available company object sync for B2B. Get maximum flexibility by allowing for either HubSpot or Dynamics to be the system of record, or sync data bidirectionally.

HubSpot deals dashboards

Create Deals & Opportunities

Easily update HubSpot with sales opportunities from Dynamics. Your single dashboard view allows you to understand the status of opportunities in HubSpot at a glance. Create closed-loop reporting between marketing and sales teams.

HubSpot engagements dashboards

Update Engagements

View simple updating of engagement activities from HubSpot into Microsoft Dynamics 365 so you can gain meaningful insights about the data that matters most across your organization. 

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View Marketing Information & Analytics

Quickly generate vital webpage, email, and campaign information to be displayed in Microsoft Dynamics 365, offering the ultimate freedom to turn marketing analytics into action. 

Our Step-by-Step Approach

Ready to add fuel to your marketing and sales operations with seamless HubSpot integration? Learn how we make it happen.

Step 1


We partner with you to create a clear picture of the project, align with your marketing strategy, define how we will work together, and decide what the end result will look like.
Step 2


We review requirements, and then map and document data flow with our proprietary platform. We create an internal QA plan to test before final acceptance.
Step 3

Build & QA

Your project is built and mapping is tested within a controlled development environment. The entire process is thoroughly tested through our rigorous quality assurance process, and a demo is provided for review. Once approved, we manage all the steps involved in going live.
Step 4

Go Live! Plus Post-Launch Support

SmartBug is available to respond to any issues with emails and workflows, providing support as you navigate your new HubSpot system.

As we continued to partner with SmartBug, they helped us realize the extent of what we could achieve with inbound marketing and sales enablement tactics, powered through our HubSpot platform. We’ve now built a data-driven distribution function, with seamless integration between marketing and sales activities.
Sarah Alexander Headshot
Sarah Alexander
Chief Marketing Officer, Emles Advisors

Integration Packages

SmartBug has several packages to choose from, based on your integration needs. For a more complex Dynamics integration, contact us for a custom solution.

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How does SmartBug secure my data?

SmartBug Media does not store any data. We do have logs that show the previous 30-day sync activities; however, this data is used only for issue tracking and resolution.

How “real-time” is the data transfer?

Data moves as quickly as the systems will process it. In our experience, momentary delays may occur from either HubSpot or Dynamics. Depending on your plan with Microsoft, the delay from Dynamics could be up to five minutes. Processing through our integration software is typically completed in seconds.

Can I include custom properties from HubSpot or Dynamics?

Absolutely! We can help you set up properties in HubSpot and provide direction on setting them up in Dynamics.

How is duplication handled?

When it comes to email addresses, HubSpot is unique. If HubSpot detects a duplicate email, it will not create a new contact. We recommend cleaning up any duplication in Dynamics before integrating into HubSpot.

Can you clean up my system before integration?

We can recommend tools that help clean up data before any integration occurs.

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