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Are You Ready for a SAP to HubSpot Integration?

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Are your customer service, sales, and marketing teams aligned and working together?

If it took you a while to think about it, the answer is probably not. Or at least not very well.

By integrating SAP with HubSpot, you can seamlessly connect customer service, sales, and marketing efforts, breaking down silos and improving collaboration. A unified system ensures that your teams have access to the same comprehensive customer data, enhancing their ability to deliver a superior customer experience.

According to a recent study, businesses that integrate their customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems see a significant increase in customer satisfaction and retention.

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What does this lead to?

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360-Degree Customer View

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Enhanced Customer Experience

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New Revenue Opportunities

Imagine having a complete view of your customers' interactions, financial transactions, and engagement history.

An integrated platform ensures that all your teams have access to consistent, comprehensive customer data. This unified view facilitates better strategy development and execution across departments, empowering your sales, marketing, and customer service teams to collaborate effectively and drive superior results.

Deliver exceptional customer service by starting your seamless integration today.

Why Integrate?

To integrate or not to integrate, that is the question.

Here at SmartBug, we believe integration is a strategic move, and here’s why:

of customers say their experience is just as important as the company’s product or service.
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Comprehensive Financial and Operational Insights

Combining data from SAP and HubSpot provides a holistic view of both financial and operational metrics. This integration allows for detailed financial analysis and operational efficiency, essential for strategic decision-making.

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Enhanced Supply Chain Management

Integration ensures that supply chain data from SAP is accessible within HubSpot, enabling better coordination between sales and logistics. This leads to more accurate demand forecasting and inventory management.

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Improved Compliance and Reporting

SAP is known for its strong compliance capabilities. Integrating SAP with HubSpot helps ensure that all customer-related activities are compliant with industry regulations and reporting standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

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Streamlined Sales and Order Processing

Integration allows sales teams to access real-time order status, inventory levels, and delivery schedules directly within HubSpot. This streamlines the sales process, reduces manual data entry, and improves customer satisfaction.

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Advanced Customer Insights

Combining data from SAP and HubSpot allows for a 360-degree view of customer interactions and financial history, enabling advanced segmentation and personalized marketing strategies.

SmartBug Migration Process

SmartBug supports the entire integration process, from initial planning to ongoing support. With a track record of successful SAP integrations, our experienced team provides a seamless and successful experience for your business. You’ll be working with real people who collaborate with you throughout the entire process.

Let’s look at how this seamless process plays out, from pre-integration planning to post-integration support.

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Pre-Migration Planning

We collaborate with your company to define the total scope of work, asking you to review and verify our pre-integration planning report. This ensures it aligns with your company’s expectations and requirements.

The report includes:

  • Data integration scope
  • Fields being connected
  • Tasks required for a complete integration
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Complete Data Synchronization

Following our initial audit and report, we begin synchronizing data between SAP and HubSpot. Consolidating this data enables your company to connect your information in one unified and efficient system..

The following items are synchronized:

  • Transactions
  • Customer records
  • Financial data
  • Inventory
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Configuration and Testing

Next, we work behind the scenes to optimize all integrated elements between SAP and HubSpot for your specific business needs. We thoroughly test the integration to ensure it meets all requirements.

This includes:

  • Custom workflows
  • Inventory management
  • Reporting dashboards
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Personalized Post-Migration Support

This step helps maintain your long-term success. We provide ongoing training and support even after integration, including monitoring and optimization strategies, to ensure operations are running smoothly and your company is maximizing the value it can receive from HubSpot.

Our personalized support includes:

  • Reviewing the integration process
  • Offering feedback for optimization
  • Providing ongoing support and training

Start Your Integration Today

SmartBug will work with you to plan and optimize the entire integration process—and, most importantly, we will be there to continue to support you far beyond the process itself.