By Amber Wilcox

According to HubSpot’s State of Customer Service Report, 93 percent of customer service professionals agree that customers today have higher expectations than before. It’s 2020, and our customers are evolving at a rapid pace, adapting to the nuances brought on by COVID-19 and the new virtual environment our communities have been thrust into adopting. What does this mean for your business? 

Your customers are at the heart of your business. They help keep your organization afloat, and without them, you’d erh—sink. So how does that change how we’re thinking about customer service? 

We’re placing a focus in 2020 on not only attracting new business, but also focusing on retaining existing customers. In fact, the HubSpot survey also notes that 48 percent of customer service professionals say that creating a good customer experience is top priority for their team in 2020. 

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Customers and the HubSpot Flywheel

As an Intelligent Inbound® digital marketing agency, SmartBug believes in using HubSpot’s flywheel model to help our clients grow their business. To put it simply, this means that we’re not ending a customer’s journey the moment they convert from a prospect to customer. In fact, some might argue this is the most valuable part of their journey with your business. 

HubSpot Flywheel

A critical part of the flywheel model, finding ways to “delight” and “engage” customers is key to your continued success. With a background in customer service for one of the world’s leading theme parks, I find this part of the flywheel most important. Ensuring satisfaction for those who use your product, to help grow your business, is a never ending “cycle”—hence the flywheel. 

What is the HubSpot Service Hub, and how does it impact my organization?

The HubSpot Service Hub is a suite of software available in the HubSpot platform to help you scale customer support, unite your front-office teams, and provide proactive service that helps further your business by supporting the two aspects of the flywheel mentioned above: the delight and engage stages. The purpose is to help keep customers satisfied while also retaining them as customers. 

The Service Hub has three main themes: scaling and supporting organizations, uniting teams and channels, and providing proactive customer service. As HubSpot is continuously seeking to do just that for its customers, new product features are available in their platforms to help you also service your customers. 

What product features are new in the Service Hub and how can they impact my flywheel? Let’s explore a few of the recent updates and how they can help you:

Custom Feedback Surveys

This is arguably the most exciting new feature in the Service Hub. Prior to this update, micro-surveys were the only available feature in HubSpot. Users were limited to the survey questions available and couldn’t access any additional information from customers through the portal. This often posed a challenge for marketers—use the limited information I have, or attempt to use a Google form or potentially completely separate platform for surveys. 

We know that having data easily accessible allows for a better fluidity and experience for both marketers and customers. This is a key feature to understanding our customers and what they want. With the update, custom questions such as star ratings, radio selects, and single-line text fields are available. 

HubSpot Surveys

Not only is this data critical for your support and marketing teams, but product development, sales, and other teams can utilize these features to provide a better experience to delight those using your product or service. 

Want to learn more about custom feedback surveys? Check out this HubSpot Academy lesson!

Multi-Language Knowledge Base 

Especially in 2020, communication has been key to the success of businesses around the globe. Having information easily accessible and available in a language that an individual can not only read but also understand is critical to the success of your business. For this reason, HubSpot’s recent Knowledge Base update is something to get excited about. 

Removing language barriers removes frustration for your customers—especially when they’re searching for information about how to use your product or service. This new feature allows users to create a knowledge base that helps customers in multiple languages. This means they can create language variations of pages as well as translation for categories. In addition, they can translate the homepage into more than one language. 

Identify Logged-In Visitors in Chat

As a customer, there is nothing more annoying than barriers to receiving service—or ones where you have to identify yourself. Thanks to this recent update, the chat widget can now recognize logged-in visitors. This new application programming interface (API) will provide details about a visitor’s identity to the widget after they’ve been authenticated by a login system. 

Gone are the days where you had to ask someone who was already logged into your application for their email address. Now chat users can be spoken to with the context of understanding who they are, to provide them the best possible experience. In addition to supporting HubSpot sites, this new feature can be configured to support login on an external website. 

In addition, this upgraded chat feature now also allows you to hide or show chats based on whether or not a user is logged into the site. To learn more about this feature, check out this Knowledge Base article.

I must challenge you to explore these features and all of the existing ones in the HubSpot Service Hub for your customers in 2020, to go further to delight and engage. By providing your existing customers with enhanced features for their overall success you’ll find better retention opportunities and create happier, more loyal customers. 

Pro Tip: Start small. You don’t need to implement all of HubSpot’s Service Hub in one day. Perhaps test out a chat bot, or create a custom survey to gather data and build on it. By identifying opportunities for growth and rolling them out slowly, you’ll be able to provide a better experience and understand what is working—and what isn’t.

It is important to note that the HubSpot Service Hub has several levels of features, so if you’re interested in adding additional features into your current suite of offerings, speak with your HubSpot support representative to learn more. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the features mentioned above, in addition to several other new enhancements, then you’ll definitely want to check out our recent “SmartTake” webinar series featuring the HubSpot Service Hub. 


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