By Jessica Vionas-Singer

Want your company’s webinars to be successful? Then promoting your webinar is absolutely essential. With all the time and work that goes into contacting potential speakers, setting up logistics, and creating content, it only makes sense to do everything you can to show off the final product. 

Luckily, there are many ways to promote your webinars before, during, and after the events. Try some of these idea if you want to have a full house for your next presentation: 

  1. Social media
  2. Email
  3. Website
  4. Blogs
  5. Press releases
  6. Advertising
  7. Signature lines
  8. Other people’s audiences 
  9. Inside product sections
  10. Customers
  11. Trade shows and other events
  12. Internal experts
  13. Across webinars
  14. LinkedIn posts
  15. Guest posts
  16. Pop-ups
  17. Facebook Live and podcasts
  18. Contests
  19. Dedicated websites
  20. YouTube

Basic Ways to Promote Your Webinar

Looking for simple, yet effective, ways to promote your webinar? Start by using these basic channels:

1. Social media: Post at least once on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Post multiple times on Twitter and consider giving your audience a hashtag to use during and after the event. Don’t forget to also post about the event on LinkedIn Groups that have audiences who will find the content useful. Make sure to read the group’s rules first; they may require you to put the post in the Promotions tab. After the event is over, upload the slides to SlideShare.

2. Email: Of course, you’ll email your database about the webinar, but make sure you’re not a one-hit wonder. My past experience showed that sending three emails was most effective, with the last two being text only. Don’t forget to filter out people who have already registered.

3. Website: Consider adding a call-to-action button that promotes your webinar in the sidebar of every page, or drop in a blurb about your webinar on the homepage. 

4. Blog: Blog about your webinar both before and after the event. A simple post with the webinar’s description may work before the presentation, but try to be creative, too. I put together a five-question Q&A with a guest speaker to help people see what they would get out of attending the webinar. After the webinar is over, have the speaker write about the topic or develop a post based on the transcript. (And yes, always get a transcript for people who prefer to read versus listen, as well as ADA compliance.)

5. Press release: If the topic and/or speaker are particularly meaty, put out a press release about the webinar and email it to your favorite online industry journalists.

6. Advertising: You might have success advertising a webinar on Facebook, Twitter, or in an industry-specific publication if you have budget available.

Build long-term victories and get quick wins with these webinar marketing  strategies.

More Creative Webinar Promotions

Once you’ve mastered the traditional methods, you can test out more creative ways to promote your webinar. Give these a try:

7. Signature lines: Have all employees put a link to your webinar (pre- or post-event) in their signature line for a certain amount of time. It’s free—and just think of all the people that your customer support team, sales team, and account managers email in one day

8. Other people’s audiences: An easy win is having your external speaker send an email and post on social media about doing a webinar with your company. If you have a partner or another non-competitive group that dovetails nicely with your product or the subject, ask if they would be interested in co-promoting the webinar with you. In exchange, you can give them the registration and attendee list (be sure to disclose this to attendees).

9. Inside your website’s product sections: When product-focused businesses and SaaS companies launch a new product, they often promote it through a “news” section, feed, splash screen, or dashboard. If you have a section on your site that’s usually reserved for products or announcements, consider using it to promote your webinar.

10. Customers: Make sure to invite all your customers (via phone or email), but also encourage them to bring a friend. A gift for the customer and their friend might be a nice touch.

11. Trade shows and other events: If you’re headed to a trade show or workshop, print a few fliers about the webinar and hand them out. Also, give them to your sales team as leave-behinds that people can take with them.

12. Internal experts: Ask your internal subject matter expert to personally invite his or her connections. A personal invitation (via email or phone) is more effective than any mass communication will ever be.

13. Across webinars: Announce your next webinar at your current webinar. Your current audience may be interested in attending your next event as well. 

Promotional Ideas for When You’re Ready to Try More

Ready to go above and beyond? There are plenty of ways advanced marketers can take their webinar promotions to the next level. Here are some ideas: 

14. LinkedIn posts: Write an original article regarding the same topic and post it on LinkedIn with a link at the end to register for the webinar. This will take some effort, but the exposure to your LinkedIn network will be worth it.

15. Guest posts: Write a guest post for another blog that has the same target audience as your webinar, and include a call to action to register for the event.

16. Sliders and pop-ups: Consider putting a slider or pop-up on your website promoting the webinar. Although many people find them annoying (myself included), they can be quite effective. Just make sure not to leave it up all the time.

17. Facebook Live or podcast: Try doing sneak peeks or post-event wrap-ups with either Facebook Live, another live streaming tool, or a podcast. Having a two-minute discussion on the topic is a great way to hook people who may not be ready to invest an entire hour. 

18. Internal contest: Whichever employee gets the most registrants wins a cash prize! Or try something different that’s equally as exciting. There’s nothing like some friendly competition between teammates.

19. Dedicated websites: Dedicated websites work especially well for a topic that is central to your business that you will continue to create content for. Though it will take time to invest in both an educational website and your own website, if you build up an audience over time for your non-branded website, it could be a great source of leads and webinar registrations.

20. YouTube: Pre-event, take time to create a promotional video. Post-event, upload the first 10 minutes so that people can see what the webinar is about prior to registering and watching the full recording.

Have a favorite way to promote webinars that I missed? Tweet us about it: @SmartBugMedia.

This post was originally published in October 2015 and has been updated since.


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