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25 Tactics to Make Sure People See Your Content: This Week in Inbound Marketing

July 29, 2017

By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound, we take a look at a new Facebook update, twenty-five ways to make sure people see your content, and we'll look at how long reputation management should actually take.

1) New & Noteworthy

Facebook Will Now Let Brands Connect Groups to Pages

In a new announcement made this week, Facebook will now let brands create groups for fans. The change will allow companies to create group of superfans and subgroups of people who want to receive more news and updates. The change could create many opportunities for retailers as well as B2B companies that can now utilize groups to talk to specific customers, personas, or demographics. Read more about Facebook’s announcement here.


25 Tactics to Make Sure People See Your Content

Creating great content can be a lengthy process. Writing creative briefs, interviewing customers, and finally launching content all takes considerable time and planning. But at the end of the day, your content is only as good as the people who see it. Getting the right eyeballs on your e-book or infographic is ultimately how you generate quality leads—and that’s why promoting and repurposing your content is so crucial. Here are 25 promotional tactics to ensure people are actually seeing your content.


2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

The Most Common Bottlenecks in the Buyer’s Journey and What to Do About Them

The best inbound marketing campaigns don’t just generate leads—they generate leads and then convert them into sales opportunities. But what happens when your leads are failing to convert into actual opportunities? What do you do when the leads are coming in but aren’t moving? We break down the root of the problem and explore ways to clear up bottleneck issues in your buyer’s journey.


Website Redesign: Stock Imagery vs. Custom Photography

Imagery is extremely important in marketing; it is used to convey feelings, trust, and authenticity. With imagery being so crucial to websites, blogs, and premium content, we’re often asked which is better: stock imagery or custom photography? In this post, we explore how to determine the best images to use and the questions you should be asking as you decide.


How to Effectively A/B Test Your Landing Pages

When you’re testing landing pages, even something as simple as a color change can make a the difference. But how do you determine what pages to test and what changes to make first? How do you know what to prioritize and what to start testing? Ryan Malone, CEO of SmartBug Media, discusses where to begin when testing your landing pages in this blog post.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Testing Voice Search

Voice search is an upcoming technology that many companies are testing, and during the next several years it will play a huge role in how consumers discover companies and products. As more and more companies begin exploring voice technology, columnist Chris Wareham looks at what to measure—and why voice shouldn’t replace your existing data.


How Long Does Reputation Management Take?

It doesn’t matter whether you own a restaurant or a SaaS company—every business wants to receive positive reviews. Positive reviews are crucial for long-term business success, both on and offline, and they’re important to monitor. A bad review can dramatically affect how people perceive your business, so it’s crucial you understand how to manage your reputation. This post explores why reputation management is so important as well as how long it should take.


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