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4 Ways HubSpot Makes it Easy to Improve Lead Conversions

4 Ways HubSpot Makes it Easy to Improve Lead Conversions

May 18, 2015

By Andrew Macey

Lead conversion is one key component of inbound success.  No matter how much traffic your website generates, you cannot show a clear ROI without visitors converting into leads.  For most companies, these leads are necessary to keep the sales pipeline full and to close new business.  A major part of the optimization process of one’s website is to adjust conversion paths and visitor user experience to yield as high a lead conversion percentage as possible. 

As a target, most sites should aim for at least a 2% VTL conversion rate overall with individual landing pages converting visitors at least at 20%.  Ask any marketer, and they will tell you that this is an ongoing process.  With each new conversion path created, data is analyzed and new hypotheses are tested to generate even higher conversion rates.  Fortunately, HubSpot makes it easy to improve lead conversions on your site. 

Below are 4 ways that HubSpot’s inbound marketing tool helps in getting you more leads

  1. Smart CTAs: One main factor in overall lead conversion is context on your website.  Often, certain personas find particular offers more enticing, and it’s important to cater to these preferences.  HubSpot’s Smart CTAs allow you to show different offers on your site depending on list criteria or lifecycle stage.  This will give you the opportunity to utilize high-value real estate on your pages, while still catering the CTA towards a particular audience.  This adjustment will certainly lead to an increase in lead conversion as there is appropriate content front –and-center for each audience.
  2. A/B Testing: As mentioned before, improving lead conversion is all about testing new ideas and analyzing data.  For HubSpot customers using the enterprise product, access to A/B testing tools will certainly help in this regard.  A great way to improve conversion rate is to create a test variation of a landing page and see if that increases the submission rate.  This can also be done for CTA’s on the site as well.  By A/B testing various components on one’s website, marketers can constantly work towards improving conversion rates and have clear data to support any new changes.
  3. Smart Forms: Overall conversion rate also deals with visitors who re-convert on multiple forms and move down the funnel towards sales.  A major complaint that is heard often is the frustration of re-entering information on a form after they have already provided the website with their data.  HubSpot’s smart forms can alleviate this issue.  Using smart forms, HubSpot will hide form questions that have already been submitted and can replace them with new form fields to help gather additional information.  By using this tool, visitors will never have to re-enter the same information twice, and will be more likely to reconvert on additional offers.
  4. Responsive Design: With an ever-increasing amount of traffic each month coming from mobile visitors, along with recent Google algorithm updates, it has never been a more pressing time to make your website mobile friendly.  HubSpot’s responsive design adapts to all devices and makes a very smooth browser experience across the board.  Websites that are not responsive often have to be zoomed in and adjusted, especially, when filling out forms.  This leads to a much lower conversion rate and additionally, a higher bounce-rate from the website overall.  If your site is not mobile-friendly, consider HubSpot’s COS as a way to convert your site into a fully-responsive lead generating tool.

There are many aspects of the tool which aid in all stages of the inbound methodology; however conversion is clearly a top priority.  It’s important to make sure you are generating the proper visitors to your site, as qualified traffic will certainly yield a higher conversion rate as well.  What other tools have you found in HubSpot that helps to increase your website’s VTL%?


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