By Andy Williams

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If you're a marketer, you've heard the word buyer persona before. But how does one successfully create a buyer persona? How can you be sure you've set your organization up for success when implementing buyer personas? It's a two word phrase that holds a lot of impactful meaning for your business, and when personas are built correctly, a profitable return will be sure to follow. Check out our infographic to learn how to successfully build and develop buyer personas; the first step to a prosperous content marketing strategy.

how to build a buyer persona

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Andy Williams

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Andy Williams is the Manager of Inbound Design at SmartBug based in Orlando, Fla. He enjoys clean and cohesive design and loves to design with data. Outside of work, Andy enjoys watching/playing soccer, spending time with his wife, two daughters and newborn son, and playing video games. Read more articles by Andy Williams.

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