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Our approach

Design beautiful websites

Bring your creative to the next level with user-centric designs based on a deep understanding of your business strategy and goals. Our work is nice to look at, but it also works. We ensure your site looks good and gets results, too.

  • Award-winning designersOur team’s clean, modern work communicates clearly, gets results, and wins awards.
  • Continuous collaborationBy working closely with your team, our designer, UX, and development teams create a more informed site.
  • Mood boardsWith several visual directions to chose from, our team works closely with yours to set the tone for design.
  • Engaging experienceStrategic application of animations and microinteractions help keep users on your site longer.

Design infographics, eBooks, ads and more

Our visual designs are eye-catching in a way that isn’t flashy—they’re all about maximizing your growth-marketing impact. Combining our design, writing, and marketing prowess, our team can create content and marketing materials that attract new customers and boost your brand’s reputation.

  • InfographicsBeautiful and engaging, our attention-grabbing infographics get your message across visually.
  • Interactive eBooksOur team can design, write, and produce full eBooks that elevate your brand.
  • Social media adsDesign targeted ads for your audience that drive more qualified traffic to your site.
  • Full tactical supportWe can help you create effective, strategic banner ads, presentations—all the materials you need to support your marketing efforts.

Craft compelling copy

Our copywriters don’t just know how to write—they know how to write to your audience, for your industry. And they know how to get users to take the desired action. Together, we define your brand voice and consistently apply it across your materials. Keyword-based writing ensures your content is optimized for SEO.

  • Storytelling, meet optimizationYou get the best of both worlds: compelling content that actually works for you.
  • Brand voiceWe’ll help you establish a consistent tone that fits your brand personality and works toward your goals.
  • Story ideationThrough interviews, we’ll unearth your brand’s most powerful stories, tackling even the toughest topics.
  • Broad expertiseWith years of journalism and marketing experience, ranging from general business to technical and scientific copy creation, our writers know how to hook and retain readers.

Build smarter user experiences

Our dedicated UX team creates your website foundation based on comprehensive user and market research. Like the framework of a house, wireframes ensure each site element most effectively moves users through the buyer’s journey.

  • Content auditA comprehensive review of your current site helps us identify opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Deep researchKnowing your customers’ needs and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses helps us design a results-generating site.
  • Audience definitionDetailed personas help you understand customer pain points, motivators, and how to address both.
  • Site architectureWe align the structure of your site to user and business needs.
  • User testingHaving real people use your site before it goes live helps pinpoint areas that are working and areas that need adjusting.

Use video strategically and effectively

In an age where brands have fractions of a second to capture their audience’s attention, you need content that can captivate your audience. Our writers, illustrators, animators, and producers can create everything from live-action to motion-graphic videos, tailoring this effective medium to budgets of all sizes.

  • Discovery callAs with any effective project, creating video begins with an understanding of background and business goals.
  • StoryboardsAlong with concept statement and script, storyboards define video goals and align expectations.
  • Top-quality productionOur experience means we can recruit talent and direct full live-action videos.
  • IllustrationsStretch your budget further by producing an engaging story via motion graphics.
  • Optimal valueKnow when video is the best choice to communicate your story within the buyer’s journey.
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Build a comprehensive, custom Growth Marketing Playbook.

For all of our clients, we create a comprehensive and custom inbound marketing plan. It’s the result of a variety of discovery calls with members of your team, a deep dive into your business, a gap analysis of your current marketing and recommendations for your initial campaigns.

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  • Gap Analysis Lorem ipsum dolor nuit estraeu cum sociis natoque penatibus.
  • 90 Day Plan Lorem ipsum dolor nuit estraeu cum sociis natoque penatibus.

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What our clients say

SmartBug has played a crucial role in helping our small marketing team redesign our website, optimize for conversions and develop strategies to move more leads through the inbound funnel.”

Logan Hansen

Elation Health, Business Development Manager

Their creativity and flexibility... helped build a site that solved our business challenges. Not only did our numbers maintain their previous level, they exceeded them within weeks.”

Brett Chalmers

Access eForms

By the time our redesign was over we felt like we not only had a wonderful website but also a full understanding of inbound marketing.”

Katie Schieder

Wyvern Ltd., Marketing Manager