Our Web Design Process

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    Creative Brief + Web Discovery


    When we first begin collaborating with your team, we need to understand your business from the inside out. Our initial work together includes:

    Business Overview

    B2B? B2C? Do you sell via channel partners? How you go to market should play a role in your website strategy and design.

    Business Goals

    Getting ready for your next round of funding? Planning to enter a new vertical? The more we understand about where you’re going, the more we’ll be able to help get you there.

    Products and services

    Let’s showcase your offering but be sure to connect it back to your personas’ pains. We’ll want to learn how your solution makes your customers’ lives better.

    Website metrics to address

    Have visitor-to-conversion rates plateaued? Are bounce rates growing? We’ll help identify the problem and a solution to fix it.

    Ultimate visitor goals

    Request a demo? Schedule a consultation? Start a free trial? Every company has an ideal conversion path.

    Branding/style guide review

    Don’t have a style guide yet? We’ll make you one so your team and your partners always keep your brand, well, on brand.

    Peer review, and websites you love and hate

    We’ll better understand your aesthetic by seeing which websites make you smile and which make you frown. Plus, let’s review your peers’ sites so we know what other offerings your buyers are exploring.

    Migrations, technology integrations and custom applications

    Got some e-commerce going on? Online chat? A partner portal visitors will need to access? Let’s ensure your website aligns with your business needs.

    Personas + Buyers Journey


    Your site isn’t built for you—it’s built for your customers. That’s why engaging in a buyer persona workshop with your team is vital to the success of your website strategy. Our buyer persona work includes:

    • Interviews with 1-2 customers per persona to validate hypothesis
    • Gap analysis and mapping of content to align to your buyer’s unique buying process.
      • Awareness, consideration, and decision-stage offers must all be represented throughout your website
    • Identification of the most compelling offers at each stage of the funnel for each persona.

    Having a partner who we can trust to put our interests first and give us honest advice is invaluable. Unlike a vendor who is trying to sell us something, SmartBug operates as part of our team.

    Adam Nicholson

    Daniel's Trading



    You can’t paint the walls of your new house without first laying the foundation and building the infrastructure. Once company, website, and persona research has been done, your UX Strategist will do the following:

    Website Wireframe Creation with UX

    Build wireframes that design your new site at the structural level, illustrating where content will reside on each page.

    Buyer Personas with Website Design Strategy

    Walk you through how persona research and data has been applied to support inbound best practices to meet the needs of your conversion goals.

    Website Design for Lead Generation

    Collaborate with your team to ensure the new site will generate leads, strengthen your brand, and communicate thought leadership.

    It has a lot of work to do!

    Content + SEO


    It goes without saying that the right people need to find your website, and the content your website shares with the world is critical to search engine success. SmartBug’s website team is here to support you with the following:

    Website Copywriter

    A dedicated copywriter will engage in a deep company discovery to craft a copy deck that is aligned with your business, goals, product, buyer personas, and buyer’s journey.

    Website Copy Editing

    If your team would prefer to write the website copy, we’ll provide you with a copy deck template that we’ll run through our professional editing process.

    Website Copy and Imagery

    Copy and imagery is incorporated throughout your entire website.

    Website SEO

    Your marketing consultant will perform an on-page SEO audit that includes keyword research, meta tag copywriting, image alt tag copywriting, and implementation.



    Now comes the fun part. Whether your look is clean and corporate or whimsically charming, your Web Designer will incorporate persona research and your brand guidelines to breathe visual life into your website structure. The design review process includes the following milestones:

    1. Concept

    An initial design concept is created and presented for the homepage and 1-2 key interior pages, based on your approved website wireframes

    2. Feedback

    Your team’s feedback is incorporated into the initial design concept.

    3. Finalize

    Your Web Designer designs the remaining pages of your website—every last page—and those are then presented to you for your review and ultimate approval.



    Not just any developer can code a HubSpot website, and SmartBug’s development team is considered the best in the HubSpot partner ecosystem. Here is what you can expect during the development stage of your website design:

    Designed wireframes will be developed on a private staging server, right in the comfort of your own HubSpot portal.

    Your web developer will ensure your design renders appropriate on mobile devices.

    If applicable, content is migrated from your legacy site to your new HubSpot CMS.

    The private, live server environment enables you to see and interact with your website design as it will behave in a public environment.



    At SmartBug we believe in testing, and then testing again. Our quality assurance process includes:

    Smartbug was an essential partner in our website launch because of their consultative approach to strategy, their highly efficient working style, and clear communication.

    Alyssa Thornley


    • Internal testing on multiple desktop and mobile browsers
    • Quality assurance for design and proper content rendering
      • No one likes seeing heads cut off in videos on mobile or text that’s too small to read.
    • Ensure not just acceptable, but an exceptional user experience on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, Safari iOS, and Android Chrome
    • Presentation of your website for final review
    • A period of user-acceptance testing for your team to identify and log any bugs for us to fix

    Go Live!


    The day has finally come for you to introduce your new website to the rest of the world. Here is what you can expect from your SmartBug web team:

    HubSpot CMS Website Collaboration

    We’ll collaborate with the appropriate contact in your company to make DNS changes and then publish your site.

    Post-Launch HubSpot CMS Website Support

    During the next two weeks, we’ll be in lock-step with you post-launch to support you and address any in-scope issues you experience.

    HubSpot CMS Training

    Our team will train you on how to use the CMS templates we created for your new website to ensure a successful transition and site management autonomy.

    Mobile-Responsive Website Design on HubSpot CMS

    Ready to upgrade to an intelligent inbound website?

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