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SmartBug MediaTM Named HubSpot's 2018 Global Partner of the Year

February 1, 2019

SmartBug Media announced it was named HubSpot's Global Partner of the Year for 2018. Already recognized as the highest-rated inbound marketing agency in the world, this award represents both a major client and partnership achievement for SmartBug.

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TwentyThree Interviews Jen Spencer

January 31, 2019

Jen Spencer, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media, gets interviewed by TwentyThree.

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Top 21 Free Ways To Get More Likes on Instagram in 2019

January 3, 2019

Nicki Kamau, Marketing Director for SmartBug Media, shares her pro tips on how to get more likes on Instagram for free.

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Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast: Virtual Marketing Success

January 3, 2019

Ryan Malone, Founder and CEO of SmartBug Media, shares why he decided to build SmartBug as a 100% remote agency and how the company is positioned to scale.

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How to Grow a Meaningful B2B Instagram Following

January 2, 2019

Nicki Kamau, Marketing Director for SmartBug Media, shares how B2B marketers can grow a meaningful following via Instagram

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Vidyard Welcomes SmartBug Media to its Agency Partner Program, Brings the Power of Video to HubSpot’s Highest-Rated Agency Globally

December 20, 2018

SmartBug Media joining the Vidyard Agency Partner Program empowers the inbound marketing agency to deliver inbound video services to clients in a wide range of industries.

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How Effective Sales Enablement Helps Your Reps Reach Quotas

December 18, 2018

Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media, shares her insights on how to approach to sales enablement from both sales and marketing on the Sales Leaders Talks podcast.

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Top 25 Tips for an Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

December 13, 2018

Evan Futterman, Director of Web Development for SmartBug Media, shares his best tip for an effective mobile marketing strategy.

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SmartBug Media Wins 61 MarCom Awards for Outstanding Creative Work

October 23, 2018

SmartBug Media today announced that the agency has won 61 MarCom Awards, 46 of which were for client work.

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To Gate Or Not To Gate? New Options And Opinions Emerging In The Debate Over Putting Content Behind Forms

October 17, 2018

Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media, shares her thoughts on gated vs un-gated content in today's digital marketing landscape in Demand Gen Report.

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