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SmartBug® News and Awards

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SmartBug Media® Expands E-Commerce Expertise Through Enhanced Integrations with Klaviyo Technology Partner Ecosystem

July 26, 2022

Increased Integrations Will Enable Clients and Customers to Provide More In-Depth Services and Improve Customer Experience

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SmartBug Media® Picks Up Three New Comparably Awards in Best CEOs for Diversity, Leadership Team and CEOs for Women Categories

July 19, 2022

Awards Bring Leading Intelligent Inbound® Marketing Agency’s Total Honors to 31 Comparably Awards Since 2018      

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Why E-Commerce Businesses Need a Strong Inbound Strategy

July 15, 2022

With the rising costs of paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other platforms that are popular for e-commerce, more companies are returning to the roots of e-commerce marketing by developing organic growth campaigns. In other words, they’re turning to inbound marketing.

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SmartBug Media® Earns Coveted Communitas Award for Work With Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors

July 14, 2022

Focus on SEO helped organization increase organic traffic and connections with burn survivors.           

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5 Ways To Check If Google Analytics Is Working

July 13, 2022

Google Analytics is a marketer’s lifeline in understanding performance and making decisions based on website or app usage data.

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How to Write Chatbot Scripts That Help You Land More Deals

July 5, 2022

Inbound marketing is all about increasing leads, revenue, and brand authority. Which tools do marketers use? Answer is often a website chatbot.

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Ep. 145: When NOT to Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Startup & What to Do Instead

June 28, 2022

At what stage of your business should you consider hiring a Marketing Agency? What is the importance of sales-minded marketing or marketing-minded sales?

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Sales Code Leadership Podcast Interview with Stephanie Valenti

June 8, 2022

Sales Code Leadership Podcast with Stephanie Valenti, with 15+ years of experience building and leading B2B sales.

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Marketing:Unboxed Podcast - HubSpot Series: John Suarez, Director of Marketing Strategy at SmartBug Media

June 2, 2022

Marketing Unboxed Podcast Interview with John Suarez, Director of Marketing Strategy at Smart Bug Media We talked about: The evolution of HubSpot.

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The Top 5 Ways To Market, Advertise & Promote An E-Commerce Business Today

May 29, 2022

As a part of this interview series called “The Top 5 Ways To Market, Advertise & Promote An E-commerce Business Today,” interview with Stephanie Valenti.

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