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Founder of SmartBug Media®, Ryan Malone, Named a ‘Best CEO’ by Comparably

December 16, 2019

Ryan Malone, CEO of SmartBug Media®, focuses on company culture and work-life balance to boost employee wellness and productivity.

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SmartBug Media’s Ryan Malone Named a Best CEO for Small/Mid-Size Companies by Comparably

December 12, 2019

SmartBug Media’s Ryan Malone is recognized for his exemplary leadership and is named a Best CEO for Small/Mid-Size Companies by Comparably.

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ABN: Always Be Nurturing with Jen Spencer

December 10, 2019

Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media®, shares how marketers can continue to nurture their buyers along every step of the buyer’s journey.

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How To Get The Most Out Of ABM -- Without Ditching Inbound

December 5, 2019

Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media™, shares why you don't have to pick one approach over the other when it comes to account-based marketing and inbound.

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SmartBug Media® Wins 11 Digital Health Awards, Adding to a Growing List of Accolades for Its Client Work Across a Wide Variety of Industries

December 5, 2019

SmartBug Media® awarded for content excellence and industry reach alongside the biggest names in healthcare.

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25 Examples of Google Analytics Segments That Enable Deeper Analysis

December 4, 2019

Heather Quitos, Marketing Consultant for SmartBug Media®, shares tips to help you dig deeper into your most important metrics and organize performance data to get the insights you need.

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Forbes Councils Publishing Gives Jen Spencer Valuable Third-Party Validation

November 25, 2019

Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing for SmartBug Media™, shares how Forbes Councils gives SmartBug important third-party validation and increases her own visibility on social media.

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6 Examples of Successful Inbound Marketing Campaigns

November 11, 2019

Jennifer Shore, Director of Marketing and Demand Gen for SmartBug Media™, shares why crafting purposeful content around sales enablement is a critical part of all internal and client campaigns.

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SaaS Growth Fundamentals: 7 Systems for Generating Repeat Business

October 31, 2019

Paul Schmidt, Senior Marketing Strategist for SmartBug Media™, shares seven effective ways SaaS organizations can improve customer retention, loyalty, and referrals.

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SmartBug Media™ Adds Industry Leader, Jennifer Shore, to Its Award-Winning Team as Director of Marketing and Demand Generation

October 28, 2019

She will be responsible for the development, execution, and optimization of SmartBug’s™ high-growth lead funnel, lead nurturing, and acquisition strategy.

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