By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we look at five ways to improve your sales enablement tech stack, how AMP for Gmail could impact marketers, plus we look into YouTube's continued growth as an advertising platform.

1) New & Noteworthy

YouTube Continues to Chip Away at TV Budgets

A recent Nielsen study found that over half of 18–49-year-olds are light TV viewers, or don’t subscribe to “traditional” TV services at all. Given that fact, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that YouTube continues to chip away at traditional television advertising budgets. One new change that YouTube just announced is the ability for advertisers to target their YouTube campaigns for TV, mobile, or desktop, allowing advertisers to change bids on each platform. Click here to read the full article and see the other changes coming to YouTube.


Customer Acquisition on Social Media—With Your Own Data

Amazon, Google, and Facebook all have loads of customer data. But instead of selling all of this data, these companies have found ways to use it to their own benefit (think product suggestion or remarketing display ads, etc.). So when it comes to social media, how much of your own data are you utilizing to acquire new customers? Are you creating custom audiences based on the likes and interests of your current customers? In this article, Brian Handly discusses the importance, and perks, of utilizing your own data.


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 2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

5 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Sales Enablement Tech Stack

Sales enablement refers to the tools and processes that empower a sales team to sell at a higher rate. And it’s an area that companies have started investing heavily in over the past couple of years as they realize consumer buying habits have changed. But exactly what tools or technology does it take to ensure a successful sales enablement initiative? We break down five ways to improve your sales enablement tech stack in this article.


PR Pros: Do You Have These Valuable Tools in Your Tech Stack?

Public relations has always been relationship-based, relying heavily on human interaction. But managing a PR strategy today is different than it was 15 years ago, and there are several tools you can use to help save time and measure the effectiveness of a given campaign. In this blog, SmartBug’s Jenna Cason shares several tools for your tech stack to help with your PR strategy.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

SnapChat to Test 6-second Unskippable Videos

In mid-May, Snapchat will begin testing six-second, unskippable videos that will run during the platform’s Shows. In the past, users were able to skip ads, but now in order to watch a full Show users will need to watch the entirety of the ad. In the last year, Snapchat has been working to beef up its ad offerings, and the latest announcement is no exception. Read the full article about Snapchat’s new six-second ads here.


The Conflicted Marketer’s Take on AMP for Gmail

While most of us are familiar with scheduling an appointment or reservation through a website, imagine booking a reservation from within your Gmail account. With Google AMP coming to Gmail, these are the types of interactions we’re going to start seeing in 2018 and beyond. But what exactly does this mean for marketers tasked with driving website traffic and conversions? In this blog, Kyle Henderick shares his thoughts on the implications of Google AMP for Gmail.


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