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This week in inbound we'll look why explainer videos are so important to B2Bs, the mistakes to avoid when redesigning your website, and we'll look at the recent changes regarding sharing videos on Facebook. 

New and Noteworthy

Why Explainer Videos Matter to B2Bs

It’s no secret that video dominated marketing channels in 2016 and continues to do so this year; Video has the power to capture our attention and immerse us into an engaging story. Many companies have been slow to adopt video, but data shows this shouldn’t be the case. For B2Bs, one of the most important assets to have is a product explainer video. A quick 60- to 90-second video that showcases the benefits of your product or service is essential to making a lasting impression on today’s consumer. Read more about explainer videos and why they are so important.

Google Makes Change to 300x250 Ad Format

On Tuesday, Google announced that advertisers can now use a 300x250 display ad unit above the fold on selected mobile websites. In studying the potential effects of the new ad units, Google believes the change will push viewability rates to around 70 percent, which would increase RPM potential for publishers (Currently, the 300x250 ad unit has the lowest viewability rate of any of Google’s ads.) Read more on Google’s recent announcement here.

Grow Your Inbound Marketing

10 SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Redesigning Your Website

In order to launch your website without a hitch, you need to ensure your website speaks the language of search engines or SEO. But how do you make sure that any SEO value you’ve built up with your old website is not only retained, but also enhanced on a new website? Here are 10 SEO mistakes to avoid when redesigning your website.

How to Optimize Your Web Forms for MQLs

If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know the difference between a lead and a “hot lead.” You understand that some people, or companies, are more qualified than others and deserve more of your time. When it comes to marketing, obtaining leads is no different. You don’t want just anyone to fill out a form on your website; you want the right person—someone who you feel has a real chance of becoming a customer later down the road. If you aren’t getting the right leads to begin with, you won’t end up with very many customers. The key is optimizing your web forms for more marketing qualified leads. Learn how to optimize your forms in this blog post

Marketing Reports, Updates, Trends

Merkle’s Q1 Report on Paid Search

Merkle’s recent Q1 report on paid search trends shows some interesting findings: Product listings are continually growing, while expanded text ads have yet to increase click-through rates. As companies continue to increase their digital spend, this report offers insight into what’s working (and what isn’t) when it comes to paid search. Read more on Merkle’s Q1 report here.

Facebook Gives Publishers More Power

Viral video and content creators rejoice this week as Facebook unveiled new copyright rules allowing page owners to make more money when other users repost their videos. Facebook will offer the option for video owners to claim ad earnings, block the video from being shared, keep it viewable but monitor the metrics, or choose to respond at a later date. Given the popularity of videos on Facebook and how easy they are to share, this announcement is big news for page owners who are able to create viral videos. Read more about Facebook’s announcement here.


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