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Welcome back to our weekly collection of inbound news you need to know. This week, we're bringing you the scoop on LinkedIn updates, tips for effectively writing inbound content, and the latest on who wants to buy Twitter. Let's jump in!


New & Noteworthy 

The Changing SERP: Understanding and Optimizing Above and Below the Fold

Google has shifted its focus to user intent for recent SERP updates - a change that will force marketers to alter their optimization strategies. Intent-based optimization of content and keywords will help to better address user needs as well as improve performance on search results pages. Learn how marketers can adapt.

Animoto Launches Tool to Help Brands Make Quick Videos for Social Media

Not all companies have the resources or budget to create great video campaigns. In an effort to change that, Animoto has released a video tool that is reasonably priced, easy to use, and was designed with marketers in mind. Read more aobut the features here.

The Next Generation of LinkedIn Career Pages

LinkedIn's latest update to Career Pages allows companies to showcase their brand and better connect with applicants. Exciting for marketers: a new "Life" tab that allows companies to tell their story through articles, photos, and video. Next Gen is currently in testing, with a larger roll-out expected by the end of October. Read the announcement. 

Infographic: 11 amazing hacks that will boost your organic click-through rates

11 simple hacks to help improve your click-through-rate in Google search results. Need I say more?
View the infographic. 

Who Will Buy Twitter?

It's been an interesting week for Twitter, beginning with talks of acquisition and ending with a stock price plunge.  Twitter has seen many suitors, but as of late, most have pulled out of talks. Many are now wondering about the platform's actual value and what's coming next. An article round-up is below, if you have the energy to keep up!

After Google, Apple, and Disney All Bow Out, Does Anyone Still Want Twitter? - via NBC News
Twitter's Stock Plummets As Google, Others Back Out - via Marketing Dive
Twitter’s Fate: Marc Benioff of Salesforce Addresses Acquisition Talk - via The New York Times
Jack Dorsey Is Losing Control of Twitter - via Bloomberg


Grow Your Inbound Marketing

The People You Need in Order to Host a Webinar

While the old adage “no man is an island” may be true, marketers often end up being one-man (or one-woman) shows who have to do everything. When it comes to webinars, this simply isn’t possible. Let’s take a look at the people you need on your team when putting together your next webinar.

7 Marketing Metrics Every SaaS Company Should Be Tracking

Before rolling out any sort of marketing strategy, it’s critically important to establish key performance indicators (KPIs).
And while most SaaS organizations are familiar with metrics, or KPIs for their business, marketing KPIs are often overlooked. Here are seven essential marketing KPIs every SaaS should be tracking.

Your Inbound Leads Are Stuck in the Funnel: Now What?

However engaged your inbound leads are initially, they often become stuck in the sales funnel. The effects of this are felt across the organization and the sales pipeline is drying up as new leads are not becoming sales-qualified. Learn how to optimize the process in order to hit both marketing and sales targets.

5 Tips for Writing Inbound Marketing Content More Efficiently

Blogs, e-books, and other content are obviously important to an overall inbound strategy, and they absolutely shouldn’t be causing you stress or monopolizing your time. Here are five tips for producing inbound marketing content more efficiently.


Marketing Reports, Updates, & Trends

New Study Looks at What Makes People Unfollow Brands on Social

Sprout Social polled over 1,000 people to understand what they like and don't like when it comes to branded social media content. What annoys them most? Over-promotion. Read about the rest of their grievances here.

5 Online Video Trends to Inform Your 2017 Media Plan

Google looks at trends in consumer behavior related to video and how it should help marketers design their media plans for the upcoming year.  Check out the infographic here.

Report: On Average Day, Nearly 40 Percent of Searchers Use Only Smartphones

Although consumers access the web on multiple devices daily, Google confirms that mobile is dominating, with many people using the mobile platform only.  Get a recap of the stats here.


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