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Welcome to our weekly edition of SmartBug Media's inbound marketing round up. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on inbound marketing trends, HubSpot updates, and more, here are a few of our favorite news items:

New & Noteworthy

Facebook Rolls Out Audience Optimization for Publishers

Facebook’s new Audience Optimization is “an organic targeting tool to help publishers reach and engage their audiences on Facebook and better understand the interests of people clicking on their posts.” Read More

Facebook Adds New Features to Lead Ads

Facebook announced “new features for lead ads that help businesses get even more out of them.” These updates include context cards to “help businesses ensure that the leads they receive are high-quality” and making lead ads available in the carousel format on desktop or mobile. Read More

Twitter To Up the Ad Ante With 30-Second Skippable Pre-Roll Ads

Looks like long form at Twitter isn’t only being limited to tweets. Digiday is reporting that Twitter is now offering pre-roll advertisements through its Amplify program that run from 15 to 30 seconds, a substantial increase from the previous six-second standard that it adopted and was popularized by its standalone video product, Vine. Read More

Marketing Conferences to Check Out in 2016

"In my past couple of years growing a company, I’ve learned that nothing gives me as much insight, knowledge, confidence, and renewed energy to lead my team through the latest trends and changes in the field as industry conferences — and connecting with the leaders who attend them." Read More


Helpful Ways to Grow Your Inbound Marketing

25 Resources For Increasing Conversions

Conversion rates are one of the most crucial metrics for inbound marketers to track. After all, what’s the value of website visitors, email recipients and social media followers if none of those people are converting into leads? Read More

5 Ways To Transform Your Audience Into Advocates

92% of consumers trust brand recommendations from people they know. Sure, it's relatively easy to build a community of followers on social media and your blog, but this may not produce actionable results. What you need are advocates. Advocates are more than just brand influencers; they are committed to standing behind your brand for the long haul. Advocates are interested in informing others about the content you share or services you provide and will defend your company if they ever needed to. They don't necessarily need to have a lot of followers, just quality ones. Read More

Mapping Your Content to the Buyer's Journey

If you’ve read this blog – or really anything about inbound or content marketing strategies before – you’ve probably heard about the importance of mapping content to the buyer’s journey at least 100 times. And guess what? You’re likely to hear about it at least another 100 times in 2016. Why? Because knowing who your buyer personas are and where they are in their buyer’s journey really is just that important when it comes to creating successful inbound strategies. Read More

10 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content

"I’m a big fan of re-using content. Putting together a webinar, whether creating the presentation in-house or having an external speaker who develops the content, is a major undertaking. Not milking this work for every cent it’s worth is just a crying shame!" Read More

The Latest Marketing Reports 

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement and Effectiveness Across the Industry

Contently surveyed content marketers about their biggest issues and goals for 2016, preferred content distribution platforms, most important metrics and methods of managing workflows and compliance. The findings show that lead conversion (32%) is the most popular metric for measuring content marketing success, followed by social shares and likes (19%) and page views (15%). The report also revealed that email is considered the most effective organic distribution channel for content while Facebook is the most effective paid distribution channel. Read More

2015 Social CEO Report

According to a new annual report from software provider Domo and, 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social presence whatsoever and not one is active on all six major social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and YouTube). Of the CEOs who are active on only one social network, 70% are active on LinkedIn. Read More

Hubspot Company News

Hubspot Recognizes Winners of Partner Client Impact Awards

"Here at HubSpot, we love to equip businesses with the tools they need to grow and succeed. Of course, that would never be possible without the invaluable help of our 2,700+ Agency Partners. To celebrate their hard work, we introduced the quarterly HubSpot Agency Partner Client Awards, which recognize Partners for remarkable client work both domestically and internationally." Read More


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