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Welcome to our weekly edition of SmartBug Media's inbound marketing round up. In order to help you stay as up to date as possible on inbound marketing trends, HubSpot updates, and more, here are a few of our favorite news items:

New & Noteworthy

10 Tips for Adding Video to Your Digital Marketing Mix

Video consumption is on the rise, but many marketers are uncertain how to best produce video content and integrate it into their digital marketing efforts. Learn how you can add video to your marketing mix and move the needle on acquisition, engagement, and revenue. Read More

 Facebook Tests Group Discover Tool

Facebook “has begun piloting a new Groups Discover tool, which makes it easier for users to find new Groups to join, based on their interests.” This feature is rolling out on iOS and Android in the U.S. Read More

The True Value of Technical SEOs

While many view technical SEO as a simple matter of implementing best practices on a website, columnist Patrick Stox argues that the best practitioners are doing cutting-edge work that will shape the industry's future. Read More

Three Ways to Deliver Future-Focused Digital Marketing

"For the industry to survive, though, we need to take a realistic look at how digital advertising hasn’t exactly kept pace with changing consumer habits and attitudes. As a result, we’ve had to face what have rightly felt like existential crises, with perhaps none drawing as straight a line between now and potential oblivion as the rise of ad blocking." Read More

Helpful Ways to Grow Your Inbound Marketing

Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Lead Conversions

Traffic is up, but lead conversion numbers aren’t improving. The end of your reporting period is coming up fast, and you need a quick fix for jump-starting lead conversions. What’s a marketer to do?  Here are some of our favorite quick and easy ways to improve lead conversions on your website. Read More

How to Build a Team of Content Writers

Blogging, e-books, whitepapers, and other content that businesses use to attract and convert potential customers are proven avenues to inbound marketing success. There’s one little catch: Someone must write that content. That sounds simple, but it’s an area many companies struggle with. Read More

Will 2016 Be the Year Sales & Marketing Finally Close the Loop?

Closed-loop marketing, closed-loop analytics, closed-loop reporting and any term that discusses “closing the loop” has gained recognition among sales and marketing teams because of what it can accomplish. Ultimately, closing the loop means that the entire customer lifecycle is tracked and this can help to build a predictable, accelerated and more efficient customer funnel. Read More

Landing Page Pet Peeves [& Tips to Fix Them]

Landing pages are excellent lead generation tools and marketers should be familiar with how to optimize them for conversions. However, that doesn't mean all marketers are in the loop and aren't making some of these landing page no-nos. Are you a culprit of any of these rookie landing page mistakes? (Don't worry, we've included landing page tips in case you are). Read More 

The Latest Marketing Reports 

Gartner 2015-16 CMO Spend Survey: Digital Marketing Comes of Age

A new survey from Gartner examined how over 300 top marketing organizations are planning their digital spend. The report focuses on the increased spending on digital commerce, social media, analytics, and multi-channel marketing efforts and how marketers are taking more responsibility for digital success. Read More

Facebook Is the Preferred Network for Video Sharing

According to a new survey from Philo Media, Facebook is the preferred platform for video sharing by 63.5% of the respondents. Nearly 38% of respondents across all demographics cited Facebook as their preferred source for video as well. Read More

Hubspot Company News

Hubspot Named the #1 Marketing Automation App and #1 Content Marketing App By GetApp

HubSpot is psyched to announce that we have been named the #1 Marketing Automation appand the #1 Content Marketing app by GetApp in their quarterly analysis of cloud-based solutions. Read More


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