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This week in inbound we take a look at StatusQuota's survey of 31 Hubspot Partners, we'll look at tools you can use to help grow your inbound marketing, and we'll explore six tips to improve email open rates. 

New and Noteworthy

The Challenges of Reporting on Sales Metrics: Survey Results from 31 HubSpot Partners

StatusQuota's founder Remen Okoruwa surveys 31 HubSpot agency partners to identify the biggest challenges and opportunities for reporting on sales-aligned metrics, the critical link between marketing activities and revenue results. See the survey results.

The Definitive Guide to Local Search Ranking Factors

As consumers increasingly search Google and other search engines with local intent, businesses are spending more than ever on PPC advertising and content marketing to increase the number of keywords they’ll pull up for in SERPs. No one quite knows the exact algorithm that Google uses to determine search rankings, but there are many factors that come into play. Read Greg Gifford’s recap of a recent presentation at SMX West that discusses how your business can stand out in local search results.

Grow Your Inbound Marketing

How Website Personalization Increases Conversion Rate

A visitor-to-lead conversion rate will tell you how many of your website visitors actually converted into new leads. But in order to have visitors turn into leads, they first need to have a positive experience on your site. Does your website easily provide the answers people are looking for? Is your website so intuitive that users instinctively know where to look and how to use the site? If you aren’t giving visitors the information they need, at the right stage of their Buyer’s Journey, you likely won’t capture many leads. See how website personalization can increase your lead conversion rate.

Why Your Business Needs an Inbound Sales Playbook

For businesses, playbooks help facilitate the development of team processes and guidelines. And when it comes to inbound marketing specially, a playbook is crucial. Whether you sell B2B or B2C, your business will benefit from building and implementing an inbound sales playbook. Read more about the advantages of using an inbound sales playbook.

How Much Time Should You Spend on Inbound Marketing Each Week?

In order to have a successful inbound marketing program, you must produce great content. When done right, inbound marketing can grow your website traffic and serve as a lead-generating machine. But how much time should you spend on your inbound marketing program? We break down how much time you should spend on inbound marketing each week, depending on your organization’s size and budget.

Marketing Reports, Updates, Trends

Six Tips to Get Your Subscribers to Open More Emails

Email is still one of the most valuable tools for marketers, but it’s becoming increasingly harder to maintain open rates due to the sheer amount of emails that consumers are receiving. To help you achieve greater open rates and make sure your message resonates with your audience, columnist Scott Heimes explores six ways to get your subscribers to open more emails.

The Key to Winning the Engagement Economy

Brands that know how to keep their audience engaged (think Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Starbucks)have a massive advantage over brands that don’t. By paying attention to their audience, and then showing specific products or articles that pertain to a user’s behavior, these brands show each customer a personalized experience. To stay relevant to your customers in 2017, your company needs to keep customers engaged. Learn how you can adapt your marketing to keep your audience engaged in this blog post.


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