By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we'll look at Facebook messenger which will now allow pin sharing from Pinterest, plus we'll look at how you can create binge-worth content experiences for your audience.

1) New & Noteworthy

Pinterest Rolls out ChatBot

Okay, so you’ve heard of Pinterest and maybe even shared a few recipes or cool DIY ideas, but do you have an account? And if so, are you using it as much as Facebook? For most people, that answer is no—Facebook has over 1B users compared with Pinterest's 150 million. But as Facebook starts letting people share pins directly on Facebook’s messaging service, you might very well be compelled to set up an account in the next few months. Read the full article about Pinterest and Facebook’s latest announcement here.


Facebook to Shift to Viewable-Only Organic Reach Counts

After announcing in November 2016 that changes were coming to organic reach metrics, Facebook is finally making the shift. In early 2018, Facebook’s organic reach metric will be calculated by the number of viewable impressions a post received—similar to how reach counts are measured for ads. Read about the change here and how it could affect your page’s organic reach.


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 2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

Creating Binge-Worthy Content Experiences for Your Audience

Netflix has mastered the art of catering to binge-watching audiences. One episode ends, the next begins—and you’re back on your couch for another hour. But while Netflix continually figures out how to keep the attention of its audience, have you ever thought about how you can keep the attention of yours? Companies delivering content should be constantly thinking about how to get viewers and readers to continually engage—and in this post we share techniques you can use to do just that.


How to Do a Webinar with HubSpot and Zoom

When it comes to marketing events such as hosting a webinar, you need communication to be flawless so people understand that they’re registered, where they can access the webinar, and so on. If your website is on a CMS such as HubSpot and you’re using a platform like Zoom to register people, you need to make sure the two platforms are connected. In this post, we walk through how to set up a Zoom and HubSpot connection for your next hosted webinar.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

How to Nurture New vs. Existing Leads

When you start executing an inbound strategy, it’s exciting to think about the leads that you’ll start bringing in. After all, more leads generally mean more sales. But as you start bringing in leads—from all different stages of the buyer’s journey—it’s important that you are nurturing them properly to build up relationships and ultimately close the lead. This article explores how to nurture new leads versus existing leads.  


6 Tips for Foolproof Email Marketing

According to a 2016 eMarketer report, marketers in the U.S. report a median ROI of 122 from email. So while email isn’t as “shiny” as social media, it’s one of the best tools for communicating to your audience. But email lists churn, so it’s important that as you communicate to your audience that you are delivering content that’s relevant to them. In this article, Joanna Milliken shares six tips for foolproof email marketing.


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