By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we'll look at more tools recently introduced by Facebook, technologies that will affect businessed in 2018, plus we share some of the scariest things we've seen in marketing. 

1) New & Noteworthy

Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Tool Allows up to 6,250 Ad Variants

Facebook is continually expanding ad formats and targeting options to increase its advertising revenue. One of the latest tools, dynamic creative, allows advertisers to upload multiple photos, headlines, call to actions, etc., which Facebook then uses to show different ads to different groups of people. The new tool allows for up to 6,250 unique combinations—from which Facebook will then choose the best-performing ads to showcase. As digital marketers, we’re familiar with A/B tests, but Facebook’s dynamic creative tool takes testing to an entirely different level. Read more about Facebook’s new tool.


Facebook Will Begin Showing All Ads That a Page Is Running

Since the most recent Presidential election, companies like Google and Facebook have taken major steps to improve the placement, relevance, and transparency of ads. In fact, both companies saw advertisers pull ads after discovering messages were showing up next to derogatory or inappropriate content. Now, in an effort to build more transparency and to build trust, Facebook will start allowing users to see all ads that a brand is running. The change will roll out first to Canada next month and will then be available in the US next summer. Learn about Facebook’s new “View Ads” feature here.


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 2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

The Scariest Thing You’ve Seen in Marketing

From broken links to typos, from pixelated images to purchased email lists, we’ve unfortunately seen a lot spooky stuff in the world of marketing. So in the spirit of Halloween, here is a collection of some of the scariest things we’ve ever seen in marketing.


What Are Sales Qualified Leads, and Why Do They Matter?

HubSpot did an analysis of more than 2,200 people and found that companies that tried to reach leads within one hour were seven times likelier to have meaningful conversations with decision-makers than companies that waited even just one hour. It’s not exactly surprising when you consider that once someone gives you enough information or shows enough intent to become a sales qualified lead, he or she is likely looking for someone to reach out and help him or her. In this post, we look into sales qualified leads and discuss why they are so valuable for companies.



3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

How Emerging Technologies Will Affect Business in 2018

Google reported that, in 2016, voice searches made up 20 percent of all online queries, and that number is expected to hit 50 percent by 2020. New technology is not only changing the ways companies do business, but it’s changing how marketers strategize and execute daily tasks. As the fourth quarter starts to wind down, we take a look at how new technology will affect businesses in 2018.


Finding the Best Publishers to Help You Reach Your Goals

One of the biggest components of content marketing involves getting your content into the right hands. But building relationships with the publishers that can help drive visits to your content takes time, and it’s important to identify which publications can truly help you reach your business goals. In this article, columnist James Collins walks through how to identify the right publishers for your content and brand.


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