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This week in inbound, we take a look at Google's CrossCheck platform and how it will be used in the upcoming French election, the top Superbowl ads, and how you can grow your inbound sales using lead nurturing strategies and live chat. 

New and Noteworthy

Top 10 Superbowl Ads Ranked by Digital Share of Voice

Super Bowl LI was a historic for Tom Brady, perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time. But it was memorable for advertisers as well as brands received millions of views, mentions and shares on social media. Here are the top 10 Superbowl LI ads ranked by digital share of voice.

Google Launches CrossCheck to Combat Fake News

Google launches CrossCheck to help verify news articles and sources leading up to the French election. As stated in Google’s press release, “CrossCheck aims to ensure hoaxes, rumors and false claims are swiftly debunked and misleading or confusing stories are accurately reported.” With the recent U.S. election, where credible news organizations have been labeled as “fake news”, it’s hard not to wonder if Google is testing a platform that will eventually be used in the United States to verify news stories and sources. Read Google's announcement about CrossCheck here.


Grow Your Inbound Marketing

4 Ways to Nurture Marketing Qualified Leads into Sales Qualified Leads

Pushing out blog articles and ramping up social media efforts is important for creating a successful inbound marketing strategy. But you won’t close any deals if you don’t focus on contacts after their initial conversion; that is, reaching out to your prospects again after they’ve read your blog or after they’ve commented on a social media post.  When you start focusing on lead nurturing, it can be overwhelming trying to think of all the ways to move leads down your sales funnel. However, you won’t close any deals without focusing on your qualified leads and bottom-of-the-funnel offers. Here are four ways to nurture marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads.

4 Powerful Ways Live Chat on Your Website Improves B2B Inbound Sales

Today, there are countless methods of attracting leads and converting them into customers.  But which enhancements will keep your brand competitive, have the most impact your bottom line and support inbound sales? Live chat can help improve B2B inbound sales by giving insight into your customers questions and pain points. This post outlines the reasons why live chat is a critical component to generating sales-ready contacts.


Marketing Reports, Updates, Trends

The Future of Paid Voice Search

Voice search is becoming an increasingly fundamental aspect of local search. However, using voice search eliminates the need for a screen which creates two problems. How does Google or Amazon display a map without a screen? And how do they make money off the map if users no longer see it? Brian Smith discusses the future of voice search and what it could mean for SEO, SEM and local businesses.

3 Not-So-Friendly SEO Trends

Every time Google rolls out a new ad format, organic listings are inherently affected. For example if you google “flights to Chicago”, you’ll see Google’s flight app directly after the paid search listings. If a user decides to use Google’s flight app directly, they would never land on any of the organic listings that fall after Google flights. SEO and SEM best practices are always evolving, and it’s important to be aware of search engine algorithm updates and new ad formats constantly being introduced by Google. Here are 3 SEO trends that are not so friendly to organic listings.


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