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This week in inbound, we take a look at Facebook's recent algorithm change and how it will affect newsfeeds, why advertisers are willing to spend a record 5 million dollars for a :30 second TV ad in this year's Super Bowl, and how you can leverage review sites to grow your inbound sales.

New and Noteworthy

Facebook Updates Newsfeed Algorithm to Focus on Video Completion Rates

You’ve probably noticed that most of the videos you see in your Facebook newsfeed are relatively short, which makes sense, because users are more likely to watch an entire video if it is only a couple minutes long. But a recent change to Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm will change how videos are displayed in your feed to give more weight to videos that have a higher completion rate. The change will mostly affect longer video content, giving more visibility to videos that may be long but have a high engagement rate. The change will be rolling out over the next couple weeks, so you’ll likely see some changes in the videos that appear in your feed. To find out more about the recent change, read Facebook’s full announcement here.

3 Last-Minute PPC Tips to Pump Up The Effectiveness of Super Bowl LI TV Ad Buys

Last year, more than 114 million people watched the Super Bowl. The biggest sporting event of the year is usually filled with great entertainment from brilliant National Anthem singers to outrageous halftime shows (left shark, anyone?), but it’s also big business for advertisers. While most companies don’t have five million dollars to run a TV commercial for this year’s Super Bowl, there are still ways to capitalize on the biggest sporting event of the year. Search volume and new search phrases spike during the Super Bowl due to commercials, what’s happening during the game, what happened during the halftime show, etc. In recent years, companies have capitalized on this increased search volume to leverage TV ads and other marketing initiatives. If you’re thinking of running a search campaign during the weekend or the week after the Super Bowl, here are three PPC tips to help with your strategy.

$5 Million For A Super Bowl Ad

Over the last 10 years, the price of a Super Bowl ad has doubled - reaching five million dollars for a 30-second spot in Super Bowl LI. As advertisers increasingly try to tell their story, the price for consumer attention has never been higher. To find out why companies are willing to pay more than five million dollars for a 30-second TV ad, read the full article here.

Grow Your Inbound Marketing

6 Ways to Leverage Review Sites to Drive Inbound Sales

Sales teams can connect with potential customers in many different ways. Review sites, for example, can play a pivotal role in a customer’s path to purchase. Here are six ways you can leverage review sites and positive testimonials to drive more sales.

7 Reasons Why Your Inbound Agency Should Also Redesign Your Website

Your website is on 24 hours a day and should contain answers to all of your prospects’ questions. However, this isn’t the case with most companies, and, more likely than not, a redesign is necessary. If you’re already working with an inbound agency to help develop content, you might think about a redesign. Your inbound agency, assuming it has website developers, could be the perfect fit as you can maintain the brand consistency from your premium content to your website. Here are seven reasons why your inbound agency should also redesign your website.

How to Extract More Value Out of Your Blog-Posting Strategy

Your blog is the foundation of your content-marketing strategy. Having a consistent blog-posting strategy in place that resonates with your audience will help you generate more leads for your business and establish your business as a thought leader in your industry. Here are some ways you can extract more value out of your blog-posting strategy.


Marketing Reports, Updates, Trends

Do Organic Keyword Rankings Matter Anymore?

Keyword rankings are not the only way you can connect with your customers. Between paid advertising, the expansion of universal search, and Google’s effort to show content directly in search results, opportunities for traditional keyword rankings are dropping quickly. So, how much do organic keywords still matter? Columnist Julian Connors explores the topic of organic keywords and if it’s still worth your time to go after them. Read more here.

5 Storytelling Triggers That Spur Your Readers to Take Action

Brand storytelling has never been more valuable or popular. Companies are trying to connect with their audience through powerful written and video content more than ever, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make customers take action on a piece of content. At the end of the day, marketing is about capturing attention and someone’s mind. Here are five things you should always remember in order to write actionable content.

The Rise of Retention Marketing as a Strategic Priority in 2017

Every company wants new customers. But the reality is that it costs considerably more money to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. As more and more companies realize their customer and lead base should be focused on quality and not quantity, retention marketing looks to be a focus area for many companies in 2017. Read the full article here about the rise of retention marketing.


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