By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we'll look at Facebook's timeline to remove third-party data, the difference between HubSpot COS and CMS, plus we look at why businesses need to fight fake online reviews.

1) New & Noteworthy

Facebook Removing Third-Party Marketing Data

In the past, Facebook has used data from third-party vendors like Acxiom, Epsilon, and Experian, so advertisers have been able to use those vendors when setting up ads. However, with Facebook set to remove access to this data, many advertisers are left wondering what the full repercussions of this change will be. This article looks at some of the changes coming to Facebook, as well as a timeline for the rollouts.


The Rise of Passive Opt-Outs: Four Ways to Boost Engagement

A survey conducted by Yes Lifecycle Marketing found that almost 50% marketers ranked email as a top priority for this year. Email continues to be an effective marketing channel, but the competition is only increasing, and it’s becoming more difficult to get subscribers to take action as inboxes become more cluttered. At the end of the day, your database is only as valuable as your ability to get people to engage with you and take action. This blog looks at four ways to boost engagement with your contacts.


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 2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

What’s the Big Deal Between HubSpot COS and CMS?

Thinking of building your website with HubSpot? If so, you may be wondering what the difference is between HubSpot COS and CMS. Have no fear—we explain the difference between the two in this blog.


How Do You Use Paid Media to Accelerate Inbound Marketing?

When you develop a great piece of content, you need to show it off. But beyond organic and social media traffic, how do you ensure that the most eyeballs are seeing your content? In this article, we look at how you can layer paid media onto your inbound efforts to boost your inbound campaign.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Why We Need to Fight Fake Reviews

With so many people turning to the internet before ever visiting or contacting a business, positive customer reviews are crucial for building your business. Earning reviews can be a slow and tedious processso should you consider leaving a review of your own? The obvious short answer is “no,” but the reason may be deeper than you think. With fake reviews and content becoming more prevalent, this post looks at the reasons why business owners and marketers need to fight fake online reviews.


No Search Volume? No Problem! 3 Ways to Improve Low-Traffic AdWords Campaigns

If you’re bidding on a keyword with over 10,000 searches a month and maintain a competitive click-though and close rate, you’re likely closing a handful of deals a month from that single keyword. But for many companies with keywords in niche industries, search volume isn’t always there. So how you do generate traffic? In this blog post, we look at three ways you can improve AdWords campaigns that get low traffic.


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