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This week in inbound, we take a look at CRM deal stages, Facebook's third-quarter earnings report, and, in the lead-up to an unforgettable election, an analysis of the presidential candidates' email marketing campaigns. 

Your CRM (client relationship management) system theoretically houses all of the information you could ever need to know about a current or prospective client and every time his or her account has been “touched” by sales, marketing, service, or anyone else in your organization. With 70 percent of organizations looking to close more sales in the next 12 months (according to HubSpot’s The State of Inbound 2016 report), how you track in your CRM can be essential. Here is a rundown of deal stages and how to best align them with sales.

New & Noteworthy 

Google Begins Mobile-First Indexing, Using Mobile Content for All Search Rankings

Google has begun to test its mobile-first index, primarily indexing mobile content and using it to decide how to rank its results. The test will continue on a limited scale over the next few months—the change becoming more widespread over time. Read more about the impact on search here.

What Twitter's Uncertain Future Means for Marketers

After all the hype surrounding Twitter last month, the suitors that were once interested in buying the company have come and gone, leaving it in an interesting position. Twitter must decide who it wants to be and show us what sets it apart. Here are some predictions for the future of Twitter and how it will impact marketers. 

Facebook Sued over Inflated Video Ad Metrics

Several marketers who purchased video ads on Facebook have initiated a class-action lawsuit against the social networking service, alleging that Facebook inflated metrics around video ads in order to get them to pay higher rates. Read more about the complaint here.

Patterns of the U.S. Presidential Email Marketing Campaign

The countdown to the election is on, and every detail of the candidates' lives has been examined—including their email marketing strategies. DMN has an analysis of how each campaign is performing. Dive deeper into the candidates' email marketing campaigns here.

Grow Your Inbound Marketing


17 LinkedIn Marketing Best Practices

Every person reading this has undoubtedly heard of LinkedIn before, and considering that the social networking site now has more than 450 million users, chances are, everyone reading this has a LinkedIn profile as well. The efficacy and frequency of using LinkedIn, however, can vary drastically from person to person and company to company. Though the popularity of LinkedIn marketing has increased steadily over the years, it can still be a difficult channel to navigate for those who are unfamiliar with the platform. This article breaks down some best practices for each topic, as well as some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your LinkedIn efforts.

7 Reasons Why Your Inbound Agency Should Also Redesign Your Website

Your website needs to be your top-performing marketing and sales employee. It’s on 24 hours a day and should contain answers to all of your prospects’ questions. However, for most organizations, this isn’t the case, and a redesign is necessary. A website redesign can be the catalyst to your business growth. As you likely know, going through that process can be long, arduous, painful, risky, and expensive. Here are seven reasons why your inbound agency can minimize this risk and make sure your website is increasing your brand awareness and generating enough business to keep your sales team busy.

Marketing Reports, Updates, & Trends

5 Things Marketers Should Note From Facebook’s Third-Quarter Earnings

Facebook's third quarter results came out this week,  boasting strong earnings as well as concerns for the future. Hot topics from the company's conference call included ad load, ad blockers and virtual reality. Read about the five most important takeaways for marketers here.

Forecast: 75% of Internet Use Will Be Mobile Next Year

Zenith published its Mobile Advertising Forecast this week, predicting that mobile devices will account for 75% of global internet use next year. The report, which includes information from 60 countries, looks at mobile Internet use, the spread of smartphones and tablets, and the growth of mobile adspend. Read more from the forecast here.  

9 Digital Marketing Stats You Need to See from This Week

"Snapchat versus Instagram, and 'pantsuit politics.' ” Check out AdWeek’s list of must-know stories in the world of digital marketing for the week here.


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