Fill the gap in Marketo UTM creation and reporting.

Template for UTM Building and Tracking

You research where your target audience gathers information and diversify your traffic sources to match. You are spending valuable time strategizing about how to get in front of your audience and draw them to your site, but because you’re on this landing page, you’re probably having a difficult time reporting back and associating which efforts are driving your traffic. This template sets you up for reporting success.

With this template, your UTM creation process is streamlined. The template allows you to: 

  • Standardize campaign URLs.
  • Easily create UTMs by selecting preset parameters.
  • Store a record of UTMs you have created and can share.

This template includes:

  • An automated UTM tracking code URL builder
  • A UTM campaign tracker
  • A UTM key to standardize campaign URLs

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Want to see the template before filling out the form? Here's a 90-second sneak peek! Click on the image above to watch on-page, or click here to watch the video full-size.