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Take Your Startup from $0 to $2M in One Year with Nothing But Inbound

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Recorded March 2017

In 2016, Jen and her team took Allbound, a SaaS startup, from $0 to $2M, and they did it all with inbound marketing and sales.

When Jen tells her sales counterparts at other startups that her leads are 100% inbound, they typically look at her with wide eyes and open mouths and ask, “Really? I don’t understand how you can do that.”

In this webinar, Jen outlines the exact steps Allbound took to reach $2M with inbound marketing. She walks you through:

  • How to understand your buyer as an early-stage startup
  • How to leverage buyer insights and the buyer journey to create deal-winning content
  • How Allbound ultimately convinced its board that inbound was more effective than outbound

Note: At the time of the presentation speaker Jen Spencer was the VP of Sales Marketing at Allbound .



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