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Supercharge Your Pipeline

Zendesk to HubSpot Migration Solution

Discover our turnkey approach to seamlessly migrating all of your data from Zendesk to HubSpot.

Why choose Service Hub?

Customer Retention

Make customer satisfaction your top priority. HubSpot Service Hub allows you to support, retain, and grow your customer base with streamlined and personalized assistance.

Revenue Opportunities

Connect your customer interactions to your front office. Identify upsell opportunities, initiate cross-sell opportunities, and create a cohesive customer experience from start to finish.

Agent Productivity

Increase employee productivity and morale. HubSpot Service Hub offers robust customer service tools, including omnichannel messaging, VoIP, and live chat to ease every customer interaction.

Centralized Reporting

Keep your sales, marketing, and customer service teams connected. HubSpot Service Hub offers a 360-degree view of your customer's experience and a secure portal that keeps ticket conversations safe.
Illustration of a service hub and all its component parts

Need help getting started? We got you! 

SmartBug delivers a seamless transition from Zendesk to HubSpot's Service Hub and supports your team from initial audit to post-migration support.

Pre-Migration Support

Pre-Migration Planning Report

We'll start by defining the total scope of work. We ask clients to review and verify our reports before the migration process to ensure alignment with their expectations and requirements. Our pre-migration report includes:

  • Data migration scope
  • Items to be transferred
  • Specific tasks required for a full migration
Icon of a website with gears transferring data

Complete Data Transfer

After the initial audit, we'll begin a complete data transfer from Zendesk to HubSpot's Service Hub. By consolidating your customer service data, you can connect your data into a single, unified, and increasingly efficient system. During this process, we'll migrate:

  • Conversations (coming soon)
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Attachments
  • Tickets
Comprehensive Configuration & Testing in HubSpot's Service Hub

Comprehensive Configuration & Testing

Next, we'll work behind the scenes in adherence with data security protocols to ensure all elements of the HubSpot Service Hub are optimally configured before you go live, including:

  • Service desk
  • Self-service offerings
  • Customer feedback channels
Icon of a team personalizing data migration support

Personalized Post-Migration Support

Finally, we'll provide ongoing training and support to enhance your long-term success. Our monitoring and optimization strategies sustain smooth operations and offer the tools you need to maximize the value you receive from HubSpot's Service Hub. We'll work with clients on an individualized basis to:

  • Review the migration progress
  • Offer feedback for optimization
  • Provide ongoing training and support
Pricing & Timeline

What can you expect?

At SmartBug Media, we're committed to your success. That's why we're transparent about the investment our migration services require. Check out our features comparison table to learn how our solutions stack up against self-service and do-it-yourself options.

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Our migration plans require a minimum of four weeks. Timelines are dependent on the complexity of the project, including the number of systems, types of data, and volume of automation required for the migration.
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Our pricing plans start at $5,000. Our standard package includes the basic migration of essential data from Zendesk to HubSpot. Our premium package includes everything in our basic package plus migration of historical conversations and up to five, five-step workflows.

SmartBug builds it better. 

We'll work with your team to automate, optimize, and scale your customer service with a centralized solution that promotes customer success in the HubSpot ecosystem and beyond.

HubSpot Service Hub's Standout Features

laptop icon

Customer Portal

Gain control over and flexibility within your customer portal. Quickly access ticket conversations with both your customers and your customer support representatives for speedy resolution.

CRM icon

Fully Integrated CRM

With a holistic view of your customers' engagement, you can provide immediate and ongoing support. Give access to your entire team for faster responses and improved internal communication.
communication icon

Shared Inbox

Connect all of your communication channels, including email, live chat, Facebook Messenger, and more. Leverage your single, centralized platform for simple communication and streamlined responses.
search icon

Knowledge Base

Make KBs accessible with a searchable library of videos, articles, and other resources. Use multiple knowledge bases to scale content for multiple brands or to separate internal articles.

help icon

Help Desk Automation

Prioritize customer requests and cut out the middleman with HubSpot's automated help desk and ticketing. Ensure tickets go to the right support representative at the right time with capacity and skills-based routing.

light bulb icon

Customer Feedback

Allow customers to share details about their experience through NPS, CSAT, CES, and custom surveys. Then, assess your customer feedback to identify trends and resolve persistent issues. 

report icon


Analyze customer data and gain new insights through customizable automation and reporting. Improve the level of support you deliver and track the trajectory of customer engagement. 

chat icon

Live Chat

Don't miss an opportunity to get the conversation going and be the answer your customers need. Engage with your customers quickly via chat to solve their order issues or provide key information.

online chat icon

Omnichannel Messaging

Simplify customer engagement across multiple channels. "Bring your own" messaging allows users to sync their systems and maximize functionality with integrated messaging channels and APIs.

data icon

Customer Success Management

Manage your book of business and drive value across the customer lifecycle. Sync your product usage data using custom events and report on data usage changes over time. 

meter icon

Customer Health Scoring

Get a comprehensive view of customer health across HubSpot's Service and Ops Hubs. Identify customers at risk of churn and spot upsell and cross-functional opportunities by analyzing engagement metrics and support history. 

ai icon

AI-Infused Support

Leverage real-time AI recommendations to provide timely and personalized support, manage multilingual AI for maximum efficiency, and enable chatbots to respond to customers, create tickets, search KB articles, and resolve issues.

Explore the Differences in Migration Options

SmartBug Third-Party DIY Migration Tools Self-Service Tools (HubSpot CSV Importer)
Compare These Features
Price Starting at $5,000 $500-$2,000+ Free
Time Commitment 4-8 Weeks 1-4 Weeks 4-10 Weeks
Pre-Migration Analysis
Project Management
Service Hub Training
System Integrations
Migration of Macros + Historical Conversations (coming soon)
Post-Launch Support Varies By Tool
HubSpot Service Hub vs. Zendesk Suite Feature Comparison One-Sheet


Download Your Free Zendesk vs. Service Hub Comparison Chart

Wondering if HubSpot's Service Hub can compete with Zendesk Suite's robust features? Eliminate the guesswork. Download a free comparison chart and get a clear, side-by-side breakdown of the key functionalities that matter most to your business.


Mastering HubSpot's Service Hub

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Are You Ready for a Zendesk to HubSpot Service Hub Migration?

By migrating to HubSpot’s Service Hub, you can easily resolve several challenges that are preventing your teams from collaborating and delivering an amazing customer experience. 

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