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E-Commerce Marketing

Expand your reach, increase revenue, and accelerate business growth with email marketing and SMS for e-commerce.

Using Email & SMS as a Profit Lever

E-commerce businesses have the benefit of driving revenue from email marketing and SMS that scales with you, with very minimal added cost. This style of e-commerce marketing is right for your business if you’re:

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  • Spending too much on acquiring customers
  • Dealing with margins too low to make a profit
  • Trying to keep up with social media to make sales
  • Getting very few to zero repeat customers
  • Tracking too many abandoned shopping carts
  • Losing traffic to your website

Strategic Roadmap

Deploy a proven strategy to take the guesswork out of email marketing and SMS, built into a monthly campaign calendar. We’ll sit down with you to go over everything and have our team of experts field any questions you may have.

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Messaging Strategy

Deepen your customer relationships with with messaging that moves your brand from old-fashioned and product-focused to customer-centric marketing.

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Monthly Campaign Calendar

Ensure you never miss an important date, holiday, or key touch point that matters most to your audience.

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List-Building Best Practices

Protect your sender reputation by ensuring a personalized message is sent to each segment of your audience rather than using spray-and-pray techniques.

Email Marketing & Intelligent Automation

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Automations are our bread and butter.

We make it easy to keep your customers engaged by building trigger-based emails that remain relevant to your brand. Averaging 37% revenue from email marketing, intelligent automation builds the foundation for your company’s owned-channel marketing.

  • Up to 18 Automated Series
    Strategy, design, and implementation of intelligent automations are provided for every stage of your customer lifecycle.
  • Marketing Campaigns
    Automated flows and manual campaigns are both opposite and complementary in email marketing. We’ll leverage diverse email strategies that sync with your marketing calendar.
  • Pop-Up Service
    Maximize your marketing and make sure more visitors turn into subscribers.
  • Detailed Segmentation of Email Lists
    Drive further engagement by tailoring emails to different audiences.
  • Email Design Templates
    Deploy designs that fit your brand and use best practices for maximum engagement.

Targeted SMS Service

SMS is changing marketing forever. By regularly achieving 98% open rates, 30% click-through, and significantly higher buy-ins from your customers, many clients see an extra 5-10% total revenue from SMS. SmartBug’s all-inclusive services are set up to pair it perfectly with your email strategy.

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  • Reach Your Audience
    Ensure your messages reach people in their preferred channel, SMS or text message. Target VIP customers with personalized content.
  • SMS Popups & List Growth
    Start your SMS on the right foot with list-building strategies that grow your list and attract the right kind of subscriber.
  • SMS Automations
    Easily reach your customers with up to 14 automations that supplement your email marketing strategy.
  • SMS Campaigns
    All campaigns are written, designed, and segmented for you.
  • Ongoing Strategic A/B Testing
    We constantly monitor your SMS messages to find what resonates best with your customers.

How Do Email Marketing & SMS Help E-Commerce Businesses?

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  • Lowering customer acquisition costs

  • Increasing customer lifetime value

  • Speeding up the customer purchase lifecycle

  • Increasing margin and profitability

  • Maintaining consistent email costs as you scale

Your Expert Team

With a vast array of marketing experience, your SmartBug e-commerce team is perfectly tuned to move your business forward. Every company is assigned their own pod of experts, including:

icon-teamaTeam members working on a website together
  • Project Manager
    Professional coordination and communication
  • Copywriter
    Messaging and copy that captivates and connects
  • Designer
    Customized visuals that match your brand guidelines
  • Strategist
    Regular audits of data and revenue to ensure optimization

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