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Inbound marketing to senior care providers

How Inbound Marketing Can Help Senior Living Communities

September 4, 2020

By Megan Golden

It's more important than ever to reassess your marketing plan and focus on where you can make a big impact. One way you can bolster your senior care marketing strategy is by launching (or refocusing) an inbound marketing plan.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Senior Living Providers 

If your senior living community isn’t already equipped with a robust inbound marketing plan, you’re likely missing out on an easy opportunity to reach your customers. Inbound marketing aims to meet your customers where they already are.

Traditional vs. Inbound Marketing

Traditional marketing reaches potential customers via outlets such as billboards, newspapers, and television ads. Impersonal, right? 

On the other hand, inbound marketing aims to meet your target market by providing content tailored to potential buyers’ current life experiences via blog posts, webinars, emails, free guides, and more. The best part? They don’t have to leave their house to receive any of this information.

So when your target audience is looking for a specific answer to a problem, you’ll be able to provide a solution. For example, when a prospective resident’s loved one has doubts about community living in a senior care center, especially amid the pandemic, your inbound marketing efforts will answer those questions and put their worries at ease.Looking for ways to maintain contact with your senior living prospects? Get  access to this “Senior Living Webinar Tool Kit” to start connecting through  webinars.

Inbound Marketing and Buyer Personas

One way to kick-start or improve your inbound marketing strategy for your senior living community is to create buyer personas—semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers. 

Personas help you understand where your customers are, what problems they have, and what kind of solutions they’re seeking. Gathering this information helps you determine where your customers are looking for information on the internet so you can answer their questions right then and there. 

Don’t fall victim to thinking the only people you’re marketing to are seniors themselves. A majority of the time, family members are the decision makers, and that’s who you should be marketing to. 

The better you understand your buyer personas, the better you’ll be able to reach and nurture them through the Buyer’s Journey. 

How to Tailor Your Senior Living Provider Inbound Marketing Content

Customers are looking for a sense of security, and the consumers looking for a senior living community are no different. Fortunately, inbound marketing helps provide a sense of security by answering questions, educating customers on what they need to be looking for, and being transparent about what your senior living facility offers.

Here are some ideas to incorporate into your senior living community’s inbound marketing plan:

  1. Share information and be transparent  This can be via your website, a blog, or social media accounts
  2. Create content that addresses concerns your buyer personas have surrounding senior living communities. Ask your sales team or care providers what questions they are hearing and frequently share blog posts on how you are addressing these concerns to put your buyer personas’ doubts at ease.
  3. Educate your buyer personas on what they can do to take care of themselves or their loved ones. Sharing videos or hosting webinars can make a big impact on your personas.
  4. Share testimonials about how residents or their loved ones feel about the community, how safe they feel, and what they appreciate about your community the most
  5. Don’t ignore that now might not be the right time for some of your personas to make a commitment. With this in mind, even if someone might not be comfortable moving to a senior living community now, you can assure them that you’ll be there in the future as well.

Addressing concerns while making consumers feel safe will be a top priority for your senior living marketing strategy. 


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