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Intelligent Inbound® Bootcamp for Senior Care Marketers

Tired of not seeing ROI from your marketing efforts? Need a cost-effective solution but don’t know where to start? Need a weekly check-in with resources, tips, and best practices?

In the senior care business, generating qualified leads and securing the right kind of customer is the key to growing revenue. Whether you’re a vendor, community, in-home care provider, or family adviser, you need an effective marketing solution to compete in a growing market.

Hoping or paying for referrals won’t cut it in a world where digital content is readily available and expected. You need to differentiate your brand, provide value to prospects with content, and turn your website into an automated lead generation machine.

Kickstart your inbound marketing efforts with this five-week training series. You’ll get guides, e-books, kits, and worksheets that show you how to:

  • Create buyer personas for key market segments
  • Develop fresh, innovative, and educational resources
  • Adapt existing content to generate and nurture leads
  • Establish a web presence in one or more geographic regions
  • Tie marketing metrics to revenue and ROI
  • Obtain and leverage referrals and reviews to get more business
  • Enable your senior care sales team for success

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