Buyer Persona Kit

Buyer Persona Kit for Your Senior Care Company

Let these tools guide you through persona creation and content mapping to better understand your ideal customers.

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Who benefits from the services your senior care company provides? How well do you know your customers? The value of buyer personas goes beyond marketing. Having a better understanding of who your company should be targeting enables you to provide relevant content that addresses the pain points of your personas and generates more qualified leads.

Personas allow you to identify where your customers are on the internet, so you can meet them there. They can guide content development, because when you understand your customers’ goals, you can create content to help them accomplish what they are trying to achieve and overcome obstacles along the way. Persona-driven content can attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your business.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or evaluating existing customer demographics, this kit has everything you need:

Detailed sample templates for common personas in your industry
Questions to walk you through the persona creation process step by step
A guide for mapping content specifically for senior care buyer personas
Helpful information about the role of content in the Buyer’s Journey
Mini-Guide to Mapping Content to Senior Care Buyer Personas_Page_09 Mini-Guide to Mapping Content to Senior Care Buyer Personas_Page_14 10 Questions You Should Ask When Developing Buyer Personas-Internal

Resources you will find in this kit:


Step One: Buyer Persona Interviews

10 Questions You Should Ask When Developing Buyer Personas

Here are 10 questions you should ask to help guide your conversations and create a rock-solid representation of your ideal customers. Use this worksheet to begin your buyer persona development, and learn how asking the right questions can help you make sure you’re getting the right messaging in front of the right audience.

This worksheet lives in Google Docs.

10 Questions You Should Ask When Developing Buyer Personas

Step Two: Buyer Persona Creation

Senior Care Buyer Persona Template

This template includes two buyer persona samples for a senior care company, so you can see what the slide looks like with actual content in place and how your buyer persona interviews can define your target audience into a clean persona.

This template lives in Google Slides.

Senior Care Buyer Persona Examples

Step Three: Create and Map Content for Your Buyer Personas

Mini Guide to Mapping Content to the Senior Care Buyer’s Journey

Each buyer persona has unique triggers that cause them to look for a solution, as well as different features or services they’re evaluating during the buying process. This guide helps you map content to each of your buyer personas, to ensure that your content focuses on the customer, not on you. It allows your business to become a trusted adviser for all things senior care so that when a prospect is ready to hire a provider, they turn to your organization.

This guide is a downloadable PDF.

Mini-Guide to Mapping Content to Senior Care Buyer Personas_Page_01

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