By Matt Farber

The Challenge

PlayerLync offers a tablet-based content control and delivery platform targeted at training managers who need to ramp up their training program. When a company is already using tablets in their business, it is easier to sell the PlayerLync software because a brand new process and technology does not need to be implemented. Thus, leads with tablet initiatives in place tend to be extremely qualified and are the low hanging fruit for PlayerLync.

However, PlayerLync faced a larger challenge in their market as many of their buyer personas haven’t yet implement a tablet program. Most of the time, companies have not implemented a tablet program due to budgetary constraints. This is logical. Anytime a company implements a new technology, costs need to be accounted for and it is imperative that some sort of return-on-investment can be proven.

Many of PlayerLync’s personas, however, are  interested in implementing a program in the future. This left an opportunity open in the marketing strategy for PlayerLync that together, with SmartBug Media, they were able to capitalize on.

The Strategy

PlayerLync knew that they had a business case for tablets, but needed a way to present the information in a way that would be appealing to their personas. With the help of the SmartBug Media design team, PlayerLync created an infographic that touched on all of the pain points their buyer personas deal with every day in the workplace by highlighting the benefits of tablets for training.

The goal of the infographic was to:

  • Showcase the undeniable growing trend of tablets in the workplace

  • Underscore how quickly the ROI of tablet implementation can be seen

  • Improve the persona’s every day process and delivery of training programs

  • Provide valuable, factual information on tablet-based programs and initiatives


The Design

The design of an infographic is imperative to get right. Not only does it need to match the brand’s image, but it also needs to resonate with the personas who are going to be viewing it and sharing it.

The core design features that need to be implemented were:

  • Neutral, yet engaging colors that made the persona feel comfortable and calm

  • An identifiable brand relationship and awareness

  • Leveraging positive illustrations in order to reinforce that a change in technology is a happy, and worthwhile thing to do

  • The use of the easy-to-spot graphics (such as thumbs up and thumbs down) so that the information is easily digestible

  • Words that resonated with the personas while highlighting the benefits of the tablet program (such as “love” and “effective”)

By keeping the personas in mind along with their pain points and habits, the infographic was designed in such a way that resonated and had a large impact on the community for PlayerLync.

The Results

Since its launch, the infographic sits  in the top 5 most viewed blog articles, converting almost 4% of the entire number of visitors who viewed the post. Of those converted, about 50% haven’t yet implemented tablets into their company. But, after seeing the infographic, they are convinced not only on the upside of the PlayerLync solution, but of moving toward a tablet-based program completely.

PlayerLync now has a way to help tell the story about tablet based initiates and situate themselves as thought leaders on the topic. The infographic has also been an incredible selling tool for the company, as it underscores their value to the potential client.



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Matt Farber was formerly an Inbound Marketing Consultant for SmartBug Media. Using his project management and inbound marketing experience in the B2B sector Matt helps clients build and implement their inbound marketing strategies to grow leads, conversion and revenue. Read more articles by Matt Farber.

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