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This week in inbound, we learn about five new social platform features, how too many words can negatively impact your inbound marketing efforts, and how email marketing continues to dominate. 

New & Noteworthy 

5 New Social Platform Features You Need to Know About

Social media platforms are continually announcing updates, and as marketers, it's important to stay on top of even the smallest changes. Here’s a rundown of the latest and greatest in social.

SmartBug Media Recognized by HubSpot as a National Impact Award Winner for Having the Happiest Customers in North America

HubSpot has announced the winners of its 2016 Impact Awards, naming SmartBug Media as the recipient of the acclaimed Happiest Customers Award for the North American region. The Happiest Customers Award is a metrics-based award determined by the number of clients a Partner has and the number of apps used within the clients' portals, and reflects client satisfaction. Learn more about the accolade here.

6 Upcoming SEO Trends Set To Affect Your Ranking In 2017

For those concerned with their ranking in search results, it can be difficult to keep up with the never-ending algorithm updates and modifications. 2016 saw several changes—10 from Google alone—and 2017 will surely have more in store. These are the SEO trends that are likely to prevail in the upcoming year. 

You Can Now Go Live With Instagram Stories

This week, Instagram rolled out two updates related to Stories: live video and the option to direct-message friends ephemeral video. Wired has a great summary of the new features.


Grow Your Inbound Marketing

How Much Time Should You Spend on Inbound Marketing Each Week?

It’s no secret that inbound marketing, when done right, can grow site traffic and function as a lead-generating machine. But how much time should you spend on your inbound marketing program? Here is a breakdown by inbound marketing activity and a high and low range of time to spend that will depend on your organization’s size and budget.

8 Infographic Examples That Deliver

Data plays an important part in any business, but to truly understand the data your company has compiled and collected, it must be represented and displayed in the right way. This is where infographics can serve an important role in making sure your audience receives and understands the data you are presenting. Here are eight examples of excellent infographics.

How Too Many Words Can Derail Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

Are you using more words than necessary in your inbound marketing efforts? Too many words might scare readers off, not get your message across in time, and be a waste of resources. So choose your words—and how many you use for each piece of content—carefully.


Marketing Reports, Updates, & Trends

Nielsen: Mobile Targeting Is Getting Better, Particularly When Targets Are Narrower

In a report released this week, Nielsen found that mobile ad campaigns are getting better at reaching their intended audiences. Campaigns with broad targets were more successful at reaching males, while narrower targets reached women more successfully. Read a report recap here. 

The Year’s 5 Biggest Challenges and Trends in Marketing

As the year comes to a close, it's time to reflect on what we've learned. Here's a look at five big challenges and trends in marketing from 2016.

Email Marketing Keeps Outperforming Most Media Channels

A recent survey has concluded that email is still the most effective digital marketing channel, with the majority of respondents planning to increase email marketing budgets in the next year. Most of those who used email automation as an online marketing strategy saw increased conversion rates and leads generated. Learn more about the survey results here.

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads: Best Practices for the New Format

Launched in July, Expanded Text Ads are considered by most industry observers to be the biggest change to Google Adwords in more than a decade. Unfortunately, many previously successful ad strategies no longer apply with the new format. HubSpot fills us in on the changes and best practices for ads going forward.


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