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It’s common knowledge that content drives traffic.  But creating new content on a daily basis can become a burden.  There’s hope.  Repurposing content saves time on research and content creation, resulting in more time to focus on strategy and implementing other campaigns.  Time is a precious commodity and it is sometimes unnecessary for you (or your writers) to spend the effort reinventing the wheel.  

It’s one thing to save money and time, but to truly save on your marketing budget you have to squeeze to full measure every drop of marketing advantages from each piece of original content.

Here are 5 ways repurposing content can help save your marketing budget:

1. Leverages the original content to its fullest extent

You want to work smarter not harder, so make sure to get more mileage out of each piece of content you write.  Expand and maximize the researched topic by repurposing the content for a slideshow, video, infographic, etc.  In addition, while in the midst of repurposing your content and reorganizing your thoughts on the topic, you may receive an epiphany or uncover a new angle, theme, or missing content that can contribute to a new piece of content.

2. Improves SEO

When you repurpose content, it means you are putting out more SEO assets about the same topic and encompassing the chosen keyword.  By doing this, you bring your content to the forefront of search engine pages.  In addition, repurposing content allows you to cross-link between related content collateral.  Cross-linking refers to the process of linking between two sites and can help your SEO strategy by increasing your link popularity and Page Rank; however, be careful not to use it in excess.

 3. Attracts a different buyer persona or reaches them at a different buyers stage of their journey

When you reshape your existing content, you have a second chance to be more targeted in your messaging.  Considering that each buyer persona responds to wording and phrases differently, it is critical to change the terminology and perspective of your content to reach your various personas.  Moreover, with additional content collateral, you are able to place different call-to-actions to target a lead that on the tipping point of purchasing versus a lead that needs more nurturing.

4. Reaches out to your audience through different mediums

Some forms of content are more digestible for some than it is for others.  For example, some people are visual learners, while others may prefer reading the information.  Additionally, some people love to read detailed white papers and case studies, while others may prefer to read snippets of information 140 characters or less.  Offering relatable content across several mediums allows you to capture a larger audience with material that appeals to their preferred form of absorbing information.  And truly, marketing is more about getting your information into more hands; or rather, create less and promote more.

5. Reinforces your message

We are bombarded with messages daily from all directions.  Our lives are full of distraction.  Sometimes it takes conditioning to make an idea stick.  Repurposing content allows you to explore and communicate your ideas from different angles and in different formats.  By communicating your core ideas often and from differing approaches, you deepen the impact of your message.   Additionally, with the exponentially burgeoning amount of content being published daily, people are bound to miss a blog post every now and then.  However, there is a greater chance that one of your many related content collateral would be discovered after the original content has been promoted on a different channel or rearranged to suit a different audience. 

In the long run, each of the benefits mentioned above saves your marketing budget by fully leveraging the original content to the fullest extent.  The mark of a seasoned and matured marketer is when she can cleverly take a simple idea and effectively build multiple avenues for increased traffic.  Repurposing content is a very smart tactic that every marketing professional should add to his or her tool belt.

What are some benefits you’ve discovered when you repurposed your content?

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