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If you're not sure what growth hacking is, read this post on what growth hacking is and specifically why SaaS companies need to hire a growth hacker. (Brief recap: growth hackers are people who are willing and able to try new things and experiment with both traditional and non-traditional methods in order to grow a company. Their sole focus is that growth.)

So, you’re convinced you need to need to learn more about how to become a growth hacker. Where do you turn?

Look no further than the following free digital marketing tools:



The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking 

By: Neil Patel and Bronson Taylor, Quick Sprout

This ebook is over 100 pages long, packed full with great advice and practical ways to implement growth hacking at your organization. I highly recommend it!

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By: Community of growth hackers

GrowthHackers is a community where users post and respond to articles, ideas, and questions. Powered by like-minded individuals who buy in and believe in “growth hacking,” this forum is a great place to get your "growth hacking" sea legs.

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Startup Marketing Blog

By: Sean Ellis, founder & CEO of Qualaroo & GrowthHackers

In 2010, Sean Ellis coined the term “growth hacker” in a blog post on his Startup Marketing blog. While Sean hasn’t published on this regularly in recent years, his posts on how to grow companies helped define how and what “growth hacking” is.

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The Growth Hacking Cheat Sheet: Print, Execute, See Results

By: Jessica Vionas, SmartBug Media

Okay, you’ve sort of gotten the hang of what growth hacking is and how to do it. Where do you go next to create a plan for the next month or quarter or year? This ebook contains a simple one-page “cheat sheet” to help you on your way.

The Growth Hacking Cheat Sheet


Other resources

  • Aaron Ginn put together a great list of articles on growth hacking here »
  • Laxman Papineni at HubSpot recommends 15 growth hacking experts for you to follow »
  • My colleague, Paul Schmidt, suggests more resources, including some HubSpot ones, on growth to check out »
  • Kissmetrics wrote a list of 35 articles to help you learn to be a growth hacker on their blog »
  • Piktochart gives growth hackers 13 things (with lots of visuals) you can try right now »
  • For blog growth hacking tips, read Hansen Hunt's blog »

Are there any growth hacking resources you’d recommend for newbies? We’d love to hear about them!


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