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Why do I need ABM?

If you’re having trouble identifying new target accounts, accurately prioritizing existing target accounts, or generating upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities, account-based marketing (ABM) can help.

An ABM approach allows sales and marketing to collaborate and engage with high-value target accounts, increasing your sales pipeline and accelerating your revenue growth.

Why do I need RollWorks?

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Helps Accelerate Revenue Growth

RollWorks helps accelerate revenue growth with ABM by identifying your ideal customer profile (ICP), scoring target accounts, and finding key contacts so you can run effective cross-channel campaigns, measure your impact at the account level, and track account progression.

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HubSpot Certified

RollWorks is the only ABM provider with a HubSpot Certified App and is a bi-directional data connector.

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Seamless Integrations

RollWorks integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, HubSpot and many best-of-breed Martech vendors to put your ABM strategy into action and gather performance data.

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Reach More Buyers

With RollWorks, you can reach buyers and accounts on any device and across multiple channels.

RollWorks Receives Leadership Badges for Best Estimated ROI and Best Results in Retargeting in G2's Fall Grid Report,

Only ABM Vendor in Each Category. Learn more.

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Why SmartBug + RollWorks?

We help you identify key performance indicators (KPIs), create your ICP, review the integrity of your current data, build an ABM strategy, and execute. The combination of our marketing expertise and RollWorks’ complete ABM platform puts you on the path to success by identifying, engaging, and measuring the effectiveness of your ABM programs.

We are committed to ABM strategies.

ABM seeks to break down barriers when it comes to data, technology, and teams, and it’s an essential part of realizing ROI on your marketing spend. Check out this Guide to ABM Funnel Metrics for examples of sales and marketing tactics and measurable ABM metrics at each level of the funnel that you can use to define success.

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Ready to Take Your ABM Strategy to the Next Level?

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