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5 Writing Tips for Marketers

July 13, 2018

Christopher Hutchens, Marketing Consultant for SmartBug Media, gives writing tips for marketers that want to engage the audience, cultivate consumers' trust and inspire readers to act in

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Looking at Your Competition is a Waste of Time

July 2, 2018

Ryan Malone, Founder & CEO for SmartBug Media, discusses why all managing should be driven from metrics, he talks about the value of online and offline content marketing strategies and why looking at your competition is a waste of time with Hack the Entrepreneur podcast.

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4 Approaches to Using Video to Liven Up Your Storytelling

June 29, 2018

Kevin Coll, Marketing Strategist for SmartBug Media, delivers tips for developing fresh visual narratives and re-purposing old content on

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Eight Ways to Effectively Issue a Public Apology

June 14, 2018

Doreen Clark, Director of Public Relations, talks to Forbes about how to execute an authentic apology while still managing a level of damage control.

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Integrating a Podcast Into Your Marketing Strategy

June 12, 2018

Nicki Kamau, Marketing Director for SmartBug Media, discusses the tactics to get your podcast noticed with Chief Marketer.

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Costco, Microsoft, Insight Global CEOs rank among best leaders for women, survey shows

June 6, 2018

Ryan Malone, Founder & CEO of SmartBug Media, has been named by Comparably as a Best CEO for women in small/mid-sized companies.

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How AI Will Alter the Digital Marketing Landscape

June 6, 2018

Jennifer Lux, team lead and marketing strategist for SmartBug Media, discusses AI and its impact on marketing with Adweek.

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3 Key Differences Between Affiliate and Referral Marketing

June 5, 2018

Drew Cohen, Team Lead & Marketing Strategist for SmartBug Media, discusses affiliate and referral marketing in Chief Marketer.

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Top 25 SEO Strategies, Tips and Tricks From the Pros

June 1, 2018

Paul Schmidt, Marketing Strategist for SmartBug Media, gives insight to improve a website's online visibility to FitSmallBusiness.

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3 Media Relations Tips for When Top-Tier Publications Seem Out of Reach

May 23, 2018

Doreen Clark, Director of Public Relations for SmartBug Media, discusses in PRSay the importance of influence over circulation, when it comes to media outlets.

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