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DOCOMO PACIFIC Closes 81 Deals with a Single Campaign & Drives Revenue Through Content


An internet connectivity and entertainment services provider receives inbound marketing strategy and sales enablement content to build brand awareness and enhance sales teams.

Within 9 months a single campaign generated

81 deals

A single piece of content generated an attributed revenue of


Percent of goal met in 2023 for new customers



DOCOMO PACIFIC—the largest provider of personal, residential, and enterprise connectivity and entertainment services in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands—engaged SmartBug to help grow its sales team and build out its website with useful content for potential customers. 


The Problem

Low Brand Awareness, Missed Sales Opportunities, and a Pivot to Customer Success

The DOCOMO PACIFIC and SmartBug Media engagement is a two-part story.

In the beginning, DOCOMO PACIFIC sought out a partner to help build brand awareness, focusing on content creation, SEO support, and lead generation. The company needed an inbound marketing strategy to educate and nurture small-to-medium businesses and enterprise companies. During this time, DOCOMO PACIFIC also needed help building out its sales team, training new sales team members, and creating assets to increase closed deals. 

But in the summer of 2023, things changed. Typhoon Mawar struck Guam, causing damage and extensive power outages across the island. This sudden disaster required our team to pivot from a focus on marketing and sales to customer success and retention. 

The beauty of SmartBug is their adaptability. They can do everything and they do it well. Whether it’s inbound marketing, sales enablement, or PR.

Eloisa D. Hudson
​​Director of Enterprise Marketing
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Different Solutions for Different Needs

A Tailored Inbound Strategy 

To approach the problem of increasing brand awareness, we began with a lead generation effort that focused on consistent blogging, gated assets, and a monthly newsletter:

  • Blog articles were written with strong SEO value. Topics focused on general content for small-to-medium businesses as well as enterprise audiences. The goal was to increase brand awareness and become a resource hub for visitors from different industries.
  • Premium content included e-books, checklists, and infographics that required form submission to access the content. From there, those contacts received lead nurturing sequences to convert them into buyers.
  • Monthly newsletters helped to create a connection between subscribers and the brand and promote the latest article or premium content. 

Preparing Sales with Battlecards  

To help the sales team better prepare for calls and increase sales, we helped develop a series of battlecards that focused on: 

  • Specific service offerings, such as cable, IT services, mobile phone plans, and internet connectivity
  • The best options for those services depending on business size and industry 
  • Price and product comparison with competitors on the island 
  • Why DOCOMO PACIFIC is the best option based on price and quality of service

Supporting Efforts to Recover After Disaster

When Typhoon Mawar hit in the summer of 2023, our efforts to increase brand awareness and grow the sales team were no longer needed. Because the entire island experienced prolonged power outages, there was no audience to nurture or sell to. But that didn’t mean our services ended.

Instead, we pivoted to supporting the customer success team by:

  • Providing emails updating customers on our efforts to restore connectivity. These emails also included links for feedback so that the DOCOMO PACIFIC team could hear directly from their customers.  
  • Developing a landing page showing employees in the field restoring nodes and assessing physical damage. The page also included real-time updates on a nearly daily basis.
  • Creating social media posts on thought leadership, showing empathy and connecting with customers by asking them how the DOCOMO PACIFIC team could help. 

The Results

Driving Revenue and Building a Reliable Partnership

Once our inbound engine was running, we began to see consistent results. Every month, we hit the company’s primary goals of driving both new opportunities and customers. Although much of our content can be attributed to high performance, a few campaigns stood out: 

  • The Unified Communications Campaign consisted of an e-book, blog posts, monthly newsletters, lead nurturing for the e-book, webinars, a white paper, and a sales battlecard comparing the services to competitors. Within nine months, this campaign generated 81 closed deals..
  • “The Complete Technology Asset Checklist for Small Businesses”—our highest performing single piece of content—drove $65K in revenue.

2023 stood out as a particularly strong yet challenging year:

  • After incorporating a monthly newsletter in 2023 to market existing content, we were able to attribute more than $60K in revenue to these newsletters. 
  • By the end of 2023, we achieved 113 percent of our yearly goal for opportunities and 127.5 percent of our yearly goal for customers. 

Although Guam is still recovering from the devastating impact of Typhoon Mawar, 2023 was also the year that we pivoted to make sure DOCOMO PACIFIC received the services it needed. And that’s something we do for all of our customers. We’re more than just an agency—we’re a partner. 

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