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How to Write Emails that Leads Want to Open

November 18, 2014

By Lexie Carbone


Do you have trouble coming up with ways to make your emails stand out? Don’t worry - you’re not alone. We’re all trying to write emails that drive those open and click-through rates. There are many different ways to create a successful email, however your success will ultimately depend on what your audience wants.  No matter what kind of email you’re writing, there are some email best practices you should follow.

Here are seven tips to help you create emails leads want to open:

  1. Do some research - Use analytics to find out what topics and keywords have been popular on your website in the past.  Chances are these are areas your visitors are interested in and would like to learn more about. Test out different subject lines, color schemes, CTA’s, visual elements and more to find out what works best and what doesn’t.

  2. Use a real sender name -  You should avoid using a “no-reply” email address at all costs. Instead, use your real name to create a personal connection with readers. Using your real name is also perceived as you putting your name and reputation on the line. It’s important to make our emails feel less automated and more one-on-one.

  3. Include an attention-grabbing subject - Use sensory words to grab the reader’s attention. Also, try using numbers in your subject line - digits are known to stop a “wandering eye”. Make your subject short and sweet - this isn’t the time to be clever. Readers want to know what they are about to read and how it will benefit them.

  4. Get personal - People are bombarded with tons of emails everyday. You want the reader to feel as though they have received an email from a friend versus another corporation. According to the Hubspot marketing team, personalized emails see 14% higher click-through rates and 10% more conversions. Also, try writing in 2nd person you keep the focus on the reader, not yourself. Your reader wants to know what they can gain by reading on.
  5. Create compelling content - The body of your email is your time to shine! Your reader has clicked-through and is ready to see what you have to say. Make sure to align your research with their goals – don’t be generic. Make sure to know your targeted persona and keep your content directed toward them. You should be quick to establish relevancy, whether it’s based on a previous conversation or recent purchase. Readers will appreciate the connection and are more likely to continue reading.
  6. Keep your message clear - Use bolded lines, bullets, clear CTA’s, images and short paragraphs to keep your email more scannable. The easier your email is to read, the more likely the reader will be to actually read it. 
  7. End with a simple signature- Don’t stuff your signature with images or more information than they need. Keep it simple – include your contact information and links to your online profiles. Also, use a plain font and black and white text.

What other email writing tips can you think of to open click-through rates?

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