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4 Essential Marketing Positions Your Team Needs to Hire Now

August 12, 2015

By Tony Adragna


Assembling an all-star marketing team is every company's dream, but before they can hire the proper personnel, they must first define which positions are essential to their success. This blog post will highlight which marketing positions your business should employ immediately to get you on the fast track to success.

Team Leader

This position can have many different titles, including CMO, Senior Marketer, etc. The idea behind this position is somebody that can devise a proper marketing strategy that aligns with your brand.

Outisde of strategy development, your team leader should be able to manage people, as they will be at the top of your team, and will be the main point of contact for the others on your marketing team.

Team leader duties may include:

  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Managing the entire team
  • Creating meeting agendas
  • Tracking analytics and adjusting the strategy based upon them

By being the head of the marketing department, your team leader should be somebody that is a team player, but can stay focused and work under pressure with little guidance.

Content Manager

Your content manager should be able to take your team leader's strategy and create ideas for content aligning with the strategy. Your content manager should be able to craft ideas for:

  • Blog titles
  • Email subjects
  • Social media posts
  • Website pages

Your content manager should be well versed in several areas of digital marketing and also able to manage people and be able to work within tight deadlines.


Depending on the size of your company, you may want to combine your content manager and copywriting positions, given the workload. However, in larger companies and agencies, copywriters are necessary to be able to produce content at the pace that you need to.

Your copywriter's duties may include:

  • Creating blog posts based upon the blog titles the content manager creates
  • Crafting content to be shared on social media
  • Writing content for promotional and follow-up emails
  • Writing content for pages on your website

Your copywriter should know how to write content with SEO best-practices in mind. Your copywriter should work closely with your content manager, and as it was stated earlier, some of copywriter and content manager's duties could be switched, it all depends on what works well with your team.

Technical Resource

Just like all of the other job titles, this could be several names (web developer, web admin, webmaster, etc.). A technical resource may not seem like something your marketing team needs, but to be able to effectively keep up with SEO best-practices, website changes, and more, a technical resource is a must. Your technical resource should be an expert on your CMS and be able to make changes quickly. Remember, almost all of your potential customers will visit your website, so buy hiring a technical resource that can beef up your website, you're only helping your company.

Obviously there is not a one-size-fits-all blueprint for marketing teams. However, by employing the four marketing positions above, your company will have taken a giant leap forward in regards to your marketing efforts.

What other marketing positions do you find valuable for your team?


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