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Client Engagement

Discover what it takes to grow your business with an agency partner committed to your success.

Best Practices for Client Engagement

What do successful client relationships look like at SmartBug? We find it helpful to share what we've learned from delivering exceptional client outcomes over the last 15 years. You can think of these as client best practices, engineered to help you maximize your outcomes.


Consider the time investment of a successful partnership.

In the beginning, plan to spend up to 25 percent of your retainer establishing a strong working relationship with our team. This includes meeting with us, sharing insights, receiving consulting, approving deliverables, and more.

gather input or ideas

Provide insights from multiple departments.

Sure, we're a marketing agency at our core—but we can do so much more by combining our expertise with your team's collective knowledge. Insights from your sales team, for example, could help us recommend services or tools to directly enable your sales team to close more revenue.

single point of contact

Assign a single point of contact to consolidate your approvals.

It's common for our clients to have more than one person reviewing deliverables. In this case, we require a single final approver from your team to avoid bottlenecks and conflicting communication.

feedback schedule

Deliver feedback according to an agreed-upon schedule.

We want you to achieve your goals just as much as you do! However, we can't move your marketing efforts forward and achieve results if we don't have your approval. At the start of your retainer, we'll create a schedule that outlines turnaround times for deliverables and client approvals.


Anticipate that staffing changes will impact the speed of outcomes.

We understand our clients will have staffing changes over time. If this happens with your team, particularly at the leadership level, we'll require a few additional meetings to bring your new team member up to speed. Don't worry—we're committed to continuity during the adjustment period! We have a thorough process for onboarding newcomers, and we document every meeting.

Consider us an extension of your team.

We want to see you succeed.

The more we're included as part of your organization, the more insight we'll have and the more revenue we can help you drive. Our most successful clients invite us to monthly, quarterly, and yearly internal planning meetings (virtual or on-site) to give us better insight into the direction of the business.

When we use the term partnership, it's not lip service. The more we understand your organization's direction, the better we can align our team with yours. 

Here's how we do it:

  • We work to understand your business on a deep level.
  • We define KPIs and objectives that make sense for you.
  • We leverage all facets of digital (and traditional) marketing with a customer-centered approach.
  • We're always focused on strong results.

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