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As a small to mid-sized company, you and your employees are probably wearing many hats and stretched thin running the company. It is possible to designate someone to manage the company’s Facebook page and publish blog posts occasionally; however, do they have the training and the time to plan, execute, and consistently maintain an effective marketing campaign?

There are many components in a well-rounded inbound campaign, the least of which are:

Can your employees deftly juggle all of these tasks and more?  A well-oiled inbound marketing machine (aka agency) can and then some. 

The first action any decent inbound marketing agency does is to develop a comprehensive strategy based on research into your company, competitors, industry, buyer personas, etc.  At Smartbug Media, we get to know you, your industry, your competitors, your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.  This ensures that all aspects of every campaign will be on-point with your prospective customers. You can’t just shoot arrows in every direction hoping to hit a bull’s-eye.  Armed with thorough research, a detailed plan in hand, years of experience executing campaigns aligned with inbound marketing methodologies, your we custom-tailor your content to target the right leads and convert them into your customers.

Here are just a few of the things an inbound marketing agency can do for you:

  • Curate content for your buyers personas:the right offer at the right time is sure to lead your visitors along the path to becoming paying customers
  • Third party software integration: no more wasting your time (or your developers’ time) trying to learn how to DIY or, God forbid, spend countless hours troubleshooting any issues resulting from poor setup
  • Website, market, and competitor analysis: know where your company ranks and the how to improve your market positioning
  • Lead nurturing campaigns development: hook ‘em and land em’ with automated email campaign offers that convert leads into customers
  • Hard data reports and find new opportunities: be amazed by the exact numbers showing return on investment and determine which campaigns, if any, need improvements
  • Always implementing the forefront inbound marketing methodologies: with the ever-evolving technology arena, you might not have time to stay on the latest and greatest, but an inbound marketing agency will

In a recent study performed by Kapost, a content marketing software provider, 83% of respondents stated that finding content marketing talent is difficult or somewhat difficult. The most likely explanation for this high percentage is probably because while almost anyone can write content and design graphics, there are few that not only understand inbound marketing but have the expertise to effectively implement the methodologies, resulting in wildly successful inbound marketing campaigns.  If you do have someone in-house that can put together an interesting ebook, design a call-to-action, or generate automated emails, do you also have the time and money to train them in the best practices of inbound marketing? Not only does an agency offer you sound strategy and skillful execution of your inbound marketing, they will have already done all the heavy lifting of building a team of exceptional talent. From first-rate content writers, creative graphic designers, and tech-savvy developers, to astute marketing consultants and rockstar project managers—all are experienced with proven inbound marketing methodologies.  When you hire an inbound marketing agency, you can be up and running in much less time it takes for you to find the right team and train them.

Hiring an agency may not be the answer for every company; but neither is launching ineffective landing pages, publishing subpar ebooks, or allowing your blog to fall by the wayside for several weeks an option because you’re out of ideas or just couldn’t find the time.  Being a leader means learning to delegate to others the things you can’t do well or do consistently so that you can focus on growing your company.

Similar to how you would contract an accounting company for your bookkeeping and law firm for legal matters, you should consider hiring a specialized agency for your inbound marketing.

Bottom line: You should hire an inbound marketing company because we bring you real results—increased revenue—and in very little time at the starting gate.

What are your thoughts?  Have you worked with an inbound marketing agency and experienced an added value you didn’t expect?

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