By Christopher Hutchens

This week in inbound marketing we look at the future of consumer data given Facebook's recent changes to third-party data, how some brands are using Twitter emoji advertising to engage with customers, plus we look at nine steps your business can take to prepare for upcoming GDPR regulations. 

1) New & Noteworthy

What’s the Future of Consumer Data Now That Facebook Is Pulling Back?

With Facebook now limiting the data accessible to advertisers, many companies are wondering how the change will affect their ability to deliver personalized marketing messages. In this blog, Ryan Phelan reviews the future of consumer data given Facebook’s most recent policy change.

Twitter Emojis Advertising: New Territory for Many Brands

Two years ago, Twitter introduced emoji advertising, which allows businesses to target users based on an emoji used in a tweet. It’s a quirky way of targeting, but it’s actually fairly precise and, for B2C companies, can serve as a great way to deliver personalized messages. Learn more about emoji advertising and take a look at some use cases in this blog.


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 2) Grow Your Inbound Marketing

Is Your E-Commerce Website Hurting Your Conversion Rate?

With 73 percent of purchases starting with online research, e-commerce websites not only need to attract visits, but they must also educate and convert these visitors into customers. But as the world of e-commerce continues to explode, many businesses are failing to capitalize on their e-commerce websites to meet their sales goals. In this blog, we review key elements that every e-commerce site should include to identify where you may be missing the mark.


Contact Database Segmentation to Improve Your Marketing Lists

Personalization has quickly become a crucial part of marketing. With so many ads around us on a daily basis, one of the best ways to grab attention is to include an element of personalization in your messaging. Today’s consumer expects a personalized experience, and one of the best ways to do this is by segmenting your contacts. In this blog, we look at how to use segmentation to improve your marketing lists.


3) Marketing Reports, Updates, and Trends

Pinterest Reports 50% YoY Gain in SMB Advertisers

Pinterest recently reported a 50 percent gain year over year in SMB advertisers, and also announced it was expanding its “promote” button for promoted pins to Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK. While most businesses quickly adopt Facebook and Twitter, platforms such as Pinterest have been slower to attract advertisers, but that seems to be changing. Read more about Pinterest’s impressive year-over-year growth here.


9 Steps You Can Take to Get Prepared for GDPR

With GDPR quickly approaching (May 25), many companies are preparing for new compliance regulations. Not sure what steps your business should be taking to address the upcoming European Union legislation? Check out this article which features specific measures your business should take.


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