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The Anatomy of a Marketing Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 29, 2015

By Lexie Carbone

Email marketing is one of the oldest online tools that most every marketer is still using today. Despite a few years of asking if email is dead, an argument can be made that it remains the forearm of many people’s digital marketing strategies.

In fact, according to Sikich, 70 percent of digital marketers see email as the top medium for ROI, and 62 percent of B2B marketers plan to continue to increase spending for email marketing. Email marketing is a powerful channel for driving real business results and achieving measurable ROI.

When determining the best time of day to send out emails, it’s critical that you’re sending based on readers’ schedules. Unfortunately, there’s no set time that everyone checks his or her inbox. The best time of day to send your emails will be dependent on your audience. Although there is no magic day and time to send out your emails, we've put together this infographic with some best practices you can follow to get started.

Here are some best practices for email send times:



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