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Introducing SmartBug on Tap

Introducing SmartBug on Tap

October 3, 2019

By Jen Spencer

Why did I start a podcast?

Because everyone has a party trick. I’d like to think mine is providing very tactical marketing advice.

That trick doesn’t actually go so well at parties.

But digital marketers, SDRs, and others seem to love our blog, where we’ve been discussing everything from inbound marketing, to PR, to sales enablement.

And, even in my free time, I’m answering questions about marketing.

Just a couple days ago a great friend called me with a digital marketing question. I was so excited to help (again, it’s my party trick).

“I wish I could just tap into these conversations whenever I wanted,” he said.

I started thinking .…

We have all these amazing conversations on our blog about marketing strategy, and I’m constantly talking with industry leaders about marketing tactics: What if we turned these conversations into content the marketing world could share?

So SmartBug on Tap was born.

Each episode, I’ll discuss tactical solutions, such as lead generation, account engagement,  brand loyalty, marketing automation, etc.

And I’d love to hear from you about guests or topic ideas! Shoot us an email at

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